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  1. Removed using add/remove programs the two instances of XPize, the uninstall went smoothly, and now I no longer have this missing login screen issue. I will be reinstalling XPize, however now I will not randomly install the various themes, probably just the ico upgrades 1st, I am looking foreward to the next version. Clem
  2. Tried the Ctrl+Alt+Del twice last night a couple times, no change...still cannot use the login screen. Clem
  3. One other thing that comes to mind is your chosen installation options. What checkboxes did you select on the "Modify Package" page? Good question, there is not setup window that I can go back too see what my initial setting were or to refer too, I believe I initally checked all, but then went back and did a change, I believe after that change something to do with login the problem started. So I'm starting to think I need to uninstall the package. Thanks, Clem
  4. I had no customization installed prior to XPize. When I start the computer initially or after a reboot the logon screen is fine, this blank screen only appears with the discribed actions. I am not at my home pc right now so cannot try the GINA login procedure but will once I'm at home Thanks, Clem
  5. When my computer awakes from suspend or I choose change user, all I get is a blank light blue screen with a rectangle white box... and the pointer mouse curser. The only way to get out of this screen is to hit the computer on/off button then the computer show a message "ther are other users log on to this computer do you still want to shut down?" YES/NO I have to hit Yes, then the normal user screen appears, but the computer goes into shut down. Can this lost screen be recovered using the install tool or should I just remove Xpize and start all over Clem
  6. I reran the installer to change some of the theme settings with logon screens has mentioned in another post, but now I find two instances of XPize in Add/Remove programs, and also found multiple similar files in screen savers & wallpaper. So it seems that if you rerun the installer to make changes it doesn't overwrite some of the files, but adds a (1) to the end of the file already resulting in multiple instances of the same file. I'm also noticing under right click toolbar properties that the color shown of the taskbar, notification area, and start menu do not match the current theme I am using. Using the luna blue theme but showing the black theme. So some issues I am noticing, not sure if this is just my system or know issues ? Using WXP Home SP3 THanks, Clem
  7. Thanks... answers my question completly
  8. Hello, I just downloaded and installed the lastest version of XPized...but now where do I find the XPized setting window to modify XPized...I've looked under Start > All Programs and don't find XPized listed there. The only mention I see of XPized is when I do a My Computer > System info there is shows "manufactured and supported by XPized" So maybe I'm missing it?. Thanks, Clem

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