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  1. when you say "hang" do you mean that nothing appears ? or do you receive an error ? I've been waiting for 40 mins after the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 command and I wonder if I can turn the disk off and retry from start. Yep hangs as in nothing appears, no output from hyperterminal. Using Aviko's commands fixed that, though I see you resolved this, congrats!
  2. I posted like others that my drive did not respond to the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 command, that hyperterminal would just hang after attempting that command. I went through the thread and found Aviko's codes on pg 26. I retried the BSY fix using those codes and the drive responded fixing the BSY state. For those of you having an issue fixing the drive where it hangs after the rebuild command use the codes posted by Aviko, they work perfectly. So in short thanks to both gradius and aviko, whoever came first or last or whatever I was able to fix the drive!
  3. Ok, thanks for the quick response! So powering off shouldn't harm the drive any more than it already is I expect. What is the next course of action? Should I redo the terminal steps from the beginning outlined by Gradius or Aviko? If you know what is the most likely problem/solution?
  4. I've just registered on this forum after poking around a while and I was attempting the BSY fix on my drive 7200.11 750GB drive from dell. So in short Hi! and thanks for a great guide! After fighting the LED: errors for a while I successfully went through all commands, however the partition regeneration "m02,0,0,0,0,22" step has failed to produce any output in hyperterminal for over 12 hours. I am loath to turn off the drive until I know if there is anything I can do to rescue the drive. I don't believe I missed anything, and all other commands operated as expected. If anyone has any advise I'd appreciate it!