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  1. quatermass

    xpize 5 Release 6

    32bit. The problem first appears right after I rebooted from xpize 5.4. I posted the problem immediately at the time. But no developers replied about the problem on the forum. But I may have discovered a fix. I had a brain wave just now and ran Tweak UI. I used the Explorer>Shortcut option and altered this setting to None and then back to Arrow. I've now got the + symbol and the shortcut icon back on the mouse.
  2. quatermass

    xpize 5 Release 6

    I've got Windows XP sp3 and I noticed with xpize 5 rel 4 that it had a bug with the copy + and the shortcut symbol not showing up any more on the drag icon. I'd like to tell the developers that the bug is still there with rel 6. So to sum up. When I have two explorer windows open (two different hard drives) and I drag and drop a file from one window into the other, the little copy Plus symbol does not show up in the bottom left of the drag icon. Which is the default action normally. Nor does the shortcut symbol appear if the Ctrl+Shift key are held down. Can this be fixed?
  3. quatermass

    xpize 5 Release 4

    I've tried XPize (5.4) for the first time. I'm using XP Pro SP3 (32bit) and the installation seems to have gone fine. I have a couple of problems though. I hope this is the right board for reporting problems. 1. The + symbol on the mouse cursor to indicate whether or not you're about to copy or move files between Explorer windows is missing. Kind of important that. Can this be fixed asap? Or can someone suggest a fix? 2. I found an extra App I don't remember agreeing to being installed after reboot - TaskSwitchXP. Did I miss getting asked to agree to this program being added to my computer? I've stopped it running. XPize looks very nice I have to say. Very Blue and much more 'complete'. But I miss my personal favourite Scheme - the Olive Green Colour Scheme. I'm a IT support engineer and after asking a number of people in my trade I find it amusing that we all seem to like using XP in Green! So any chance of bringing back the Olive Green Theme?
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