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  1. Hello everybody, I am new to Quicktime programming, and just got the task (in college) to build application with following requirements: The goal is to make app that will allow adding USER DATA to quicktime movies, it has to be something like youtube layout (Quicktime-player plugin and list of movies on side), playing movies inside web-browser - the MOVIE when loaded HAS TO BE STREAMED!(that is client side) Need to have option to select which user data to enable/disable presenting. It need to have some part where should be specifying user data, like creating new data, setting it's start-time, interval of presentation(duration)-I assume it can be some parameters and their values(?), and then joining those new data with selected video. User data need to be synchronized with video and all other data movie contains, so the movie could be streamed smoothly. User data may be selected from some database, and then merged with movie. Need to use Darwin streaming server for streaming movies.(server side) This is a gruff description, but I have that freedom to choose the way of realizing , and solving the problem. Visual Studio is the tool for building this application, and I have been working with Java and C++ languages before. I have read apple's documents about QT file format, QT movie basics, streaming ... As I understood the main problem is how to add user data to the movie so it can be streamed with synchronized existing (movie) data and added (user) data. I would appriciate if anyone could give me some advice where to start from, some references, suggestions,ideas... Thanks in advance. (I appologize for the syntax mistakes in this article, english is not my native language, I hope you understand.)