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  1. Hi, I have built a win98se machine to be able to get files from the internet to C/pm, MS-dos machines. Parts I am using : Biostar M7VKQ MB (not Pro) (new never opened), 1gb mem(ya I know it is over kill) Sony CD-rom, 80gb mator HD. AMD Athon 2000 xp+ Everything seems to be working great. Win 98se boots up, no errors. No '!' in device manager. Programs run fine. But I need to be able to format 360K disks. I have several 1/2 height 360K 5.25" drives. None of them can format a disk from win98se. They can boot to DOS from a known working floppy DOS 5.25" disk (dos2.1)I can then format a disk. WIn98se can then read and write the disk, even reformat it. I reset all bios setting to manufacture defaults, after I was first messing with them. (turn off serial, parallel ports, no splash screen) I believe I have the latest Bios version. I have the MB Bios set a drive" A" 5.25 360K. I know I am missing something simple, but it has been a long time since I installed win98. Oh, same thing while in safe mode. I have also tried removing FD from device mange,and have win98se re-detect the FD, no luck. Why can't win98se format blank disks? Any suggestions, help, links? Many Thanks
  2. MaxFileCache=20000 this change made some differances, Control Panel show 512mb I can open a DOS box. I can now get on the internet. I found the internet connection wizard. Had to delete, reboot, and reinstall LAN driver. I can see Google.com. then disconnected Lan cable. don;t want an infection. Found NUSB, downloaded and installed. I can now see USB drives. One thing, though. I was orgianlly testing with a USB drive I reformatted a long time ago. All the manufacture stuff was deleted. SO win98 did not see any driver on that one. I put in a new USB3.0 stick, WIn98 saw it and installed it and I could see it in Windows Explorer. ALL IS GOOD!! Many Thanks !!!
  3. Thanks for all the replys Could you provide a link to NUSB? I did not install TCP/IP protocol. I do not remember having to do that in the past. Can you please provide details & links? The Lan is on the mobo, and shows as working in Device Manager. It is set to it's defautl parameters, so I can only assume IP address to automatically be generated. But not sure how to check. IE is not in Offline Work mode. MaxFileCache=20000- I will try when I get home. What does this accully do? That is an awfully round number for Windows. Thanks again for all your help
  4. I have installed 98 on a socket 478 MB with 2gb ram I have changed the System.ini file for maxPhysPage=30000 in 386enh, and MaxFileCache=524288 in VCache. But I get the out of memory message when I try to open CMD. Control Panel/System reports I have 768Mb ram installed. Other issues: There is a "?" in Device Manager for PCI Universal Serial Bus, which is why I assume when I insert a USB drive, I get a quick cursor hour glass then nothing. There is no USB driver written for this motherboard. Having Device Manager search the WIn98 CD gets nothing. I have installed the LAN driver sucessfully, but I can not connect to the internet. IE says Page can't be displayed for Google.com. I think I'm missing something simple here, but it has been many, many years since I did a Win98 install. Hope I was clear. Any suggestions. Thanks
  5. Thanks There isn't much there. I followed the links to integrate sp3, much too complex for me. But I'm not to worried about that now. Just want to slipstream my oem 3cd's down to one correctly. I've searched again, and any search that has a 3 in it brings up SP3 topics, not 3 cd's
  6. Hi all, I've been looking a long time to find the topic here about the correct procedure to slipstream my OEM 3-cd XP Pro MCE 2005. I remember I have to copy an i386 folder somewhere, and add in the SP2 disk at a certain time. But I can't find the step by step directions that were here. Can someone point to it, or list the steps in order? Thanks Also I've read a lot about slipstreaming sp3 and all the difficulties in doing it, mce downgrade from 3.0 to 2.8, no mediaplayer 10, only MP9, etc. Is there a simple guide to do slip it in without file editing, scripts run, finding, and moving cryptic files to deep directories. Or is it just simpler to go through windows update? I'm just a single user install, so I have the time to wait for downloads. Or does that also downgrade MCE from 3.0 to 2.8? anyway, thank everyone
  7. Thanks for that. Now I have a win7 sp1 iso, But still need later updates. The site you mention does not have dates, so it really helpful for my task. Any ideas about how to build an up-to-date Win7 iso?
  8. Is there a list of all hotfixes, patches, Security, and updates since win7 sp1 (x64 ) came out, so that I can slipstream with vlite? Thanks
  9. Thanks for that, Got a link, and instructions?
  10. Since it seems it is not possible to slipstream Vista SP2 with vlite, is there a package that can downloaded that will have all updates, and hotfixes since SP1 I can integrate with my slipstreamed VSP1 using vlite. Or is there another procedure? I've seen a couple packages that are post SP2, but I do not think those will work properly with SP2 not already integrated. If you could point me to some links? Many Thanks PS I saw the procedure to "reverse integrate" SP2. And it looks a bit beyond my comfort level to try and do. There are many step where I'd probably mess it up. Is there any simpler method?
  11. I can not get vlite to get past the WIM filter install window. I have mounted the huge ISO it wants to a virtual drive. I have put the wimgapi.dll in the vlite directory. I have the wimfltr directory in the vlite directory. I have copies the WIM files from their wimfltr sub-directory to the vlite root. reinstalled vlite from several sources. IT will not run. I'm using Win 7 x64. I run vlite as admin. What am I missing. ----- I figured this out. please ignore post.
  12. Where might I download an MS ISO of VSP1 x64? I looked at a couple of torrent sites, and all they have are cracked, virus ridden illegitimate hacked copies. I'm just looking to build a complete ISO of VSP2 from my original expensive Vista Ultimate purchase. It is just a huge pain to download and install about 200 updates when I swap a MB, or do something dumb that corrupts my install.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply! So if I just slipsteam sp1 from my orgianl DVD. make no other changes with vlite, burn ISO. Could then start over, and slipstream sp2 from the files I just burned?
  14. Hi, Wondering if you could intergate/slipstream Vista sp1 and sp2 one right after the other from orginal full version (not an upgrade disk) Ultimate x64 Vista disk, in the same run of Vlite? Just looking to automate the install process, not really hack down the size of the installed files. If so, what special steps might i need to take to do it? Or files needed inbetween steps? Will Vlite know what addition update downlaods are needed after SP2? Thanks KLund1
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