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  1. No, it's not connected to a domain. It's probably due to some tweaking software that i installed previously. But i can't use system restore because this problem is from some months ago. My guess is only finding the registry values that disable this options will help.
  2. Windows 7 Proffesional x64 SP1
  3. Hi. I could not found help about this on google. I'm unable to change settings in two different situations: 1. The option to disable hybrid sleep in the power profile is unavailable. It says "some settings are managed by your system administrator" . 2. Some options in IE's delete browsing history are also greyed out. Again "some settings are managed by your system administrator" . Creating new user account (with admin rights) doesn't work. Also, it's not the Group Policy (all the GP settings are at default). It would be helpful if someone knows the registry settings for permissions for power management and internet explorer's policy settings.
  4. whenever windows is restarted the icon cache is cleared and redraws icons when browsing explorer folders. it's really going on my nerves. any suggestions please.

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