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  1. I'm really sorry. ;( It was just the easiest way, for me, to communicate with him. I've sent him a PM to discuss the integration of the SP1. Fabio.
  2. [italian] ciao, come hai integrato l'SP1? in ogni caso ti consiglio di scaricarti direttamente le iso ufficiali microsoft con SP1 integrato, con gli altri metodi rischi di avere una iso non perfettamente formata! [/italian]
  3. Is it possible to integrate somehow the "microsoft update" feature into the windows 7 DVD? So it will also check for microsoft updates (ex. : Silverlight, office, ecc) and not only the windows updates? Thanks a lot!
  4. @jinkazama : Avevo già postato una traduzione per la lingua Italiana (ma non è mai stata aggiunta perché lo sviluppo del programma era stato sospeso) How I can fully integrate the SP1 for windows 7 in my dvd of WIN7? Is it possible using 7C? thanks!
  5. you know...the same routine every day... a boring day after the other.... :D:D
  6. Lol, false allarm! I'm still waiting for blue, he has a really hard job AND/OR he wants to surprise us with some new features ! .D
  7. can you give us information about what are the differences between the two files? (if it works use the binary fine compare function of windows (fc /b )) Pearhaps when dism (or some other program in WAIK) open a file has to write something iside like a date or something else.
  8. Don't you think that you could have better result using a lite version of xp pro sp3? Blue is working on how to removing components with his program
  9. [ot] @Grabben: now I remember why I love Sweden besides the girls and the view, I drink ABSOLUTE vodka! (made in Sweden) [/ot]
  10. The Italian language file for the latest version of 7Customizer. After the release of the new version of the program I'll rewrite my visual guide and I hope some Italian user help me to update and improve the language file. link
  11. @ blue: another good thing it would be if you can put a label in the language file to insert the link of the visual guide, so if I choose Italian language I've got the link of the Italian guide and not the yours. I appreciate if in the top of the file you would add a LaguageAuthor label where everyone who add a language can insert is nickname (you don't show it in the program). for example in my Italian.lng file in the top might I've LaguageAuthor=Ascatem (or maybe if some correct my version Ascatem,user,user,etc) I've a tecnical question, I'm a programmer (mainly c++), but I've never wrote a multilanguage program, how do you "insert" a language in a program? a code example would be great! thanks, byez! edit_1: why when I select the path of my windows 7 folder appears a table with all the column names in English? We can't change them? edit_2: On the tweaks label, Explorer sub-label, on the end, at the voice "Drive Letters:" (driveLettersLBL) on the right it appears a menu with 4 items, they are all in English. edit_3: On the tweaks label, Start Menu sub-label, every descending menu has 4 items, all in English (default, display as.., display as.., don't display). edit_4: On the tweaks label, taskbar sub-label, I need more space in the graphic for taskbarBtnLbl (I've to use 42 characters, now I can see only 34 of them) and the descending menu is in English edit_5: On the tweaks label, system sub-label, I need more space in the graphic for uacLeveLbl (I've to use 28 characters, now I can see only 24 of them) and the descending menu is in English edit_6: On the tweaks label, services sub-label, row description is in English, Services name are in English and so do the descriptions and the descending menus, is it possible to translate them in the future? (I think you take them from other sources, but it would be great if we can translate the into our languages) edit_7: On the tweaks label, themes sub-label, I need more space in the graphic for wallpapersLBL3 (I've to use about 170/180 characters, I think it's better if you add a second row to not increase the windows size ) edit_8: On the unattended label, I need more space in the graphic for skipUser (I've to use about 60 characters I see only 55 of them) and the descending manu for network and pc protection are in English
  12. Lol @ blue: For some kinds of buttons you may use the same label (for example for the "Browse" button, with only one label you can name them all). You'll have less rows in the file (I know, I'm lazy ).
  13. One more day and I will post the Italian translation, I'm about at 70% of the translating, but I need some time to see if there are problems with the program (some of the translations are slightly longer than the originals).
  14. Hi! Within a couple of days I'll translate the program in Italian, than you can add it in the next release!
  15. good, when you have the English language files I'm ready to translate it in Italian Regards.
  16. @blue. The link of the Italian guide is this: link Is it possible to add multilanguage menu to your program? I can translate it ofr free if you give me the English language file byez edit: is it possible to you in the future to host the 7customizer archive in some websites like megaupload, mediafire, ecc? thanks
  17. Hi! I'm translating the program in Italian for Italian user, but I don't understand a couple of things, I hope you might help me. Now I'm translating this page link,and I've problem with this items: - Show map network drive button - Use checkboxes to select items - Always show menus - Do not prompt for open with Internet I'm able to translate them but I can't understand what they really does. Can you give me more infos or some photos? Thanks!! 3PM here! bye!
  18. Hi! I've made an Italian guide to 7Customizer on hwupgrade.it - Link I hope you enjoy my work
  19. Hi! I want to integrate your addon in my version of windows XP x64 (i've simply added the update),but i've a problem. I add the IE8addon+update with nlite and i install the ISO in my VM. When i use windows update he wants to download the compaibility list and the update pack of ie8. How i can solve this problem? i'm sure i integrate the ie8addon+updates. thank you!

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