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  1. Okay thankyou, I also doubt it's possible with Batch anyways Im just seeing what's possible with batch and stuff, Thanks for all your help.
  2. By reference the input is save it as a %Something% Here's the entire code, It's a bit nooby seeing as im just testing things and messing around, @echo off title Hello :P color b :1 echo Hello echo. echo. set /p Hello="" echo. echo. if %Hello%==Hello goto :2 if %Hello%==Hi goto :2 echo. echo. echo Incorrect command echo. echo. goto :1 :2 echo. echo. echo Hi, How are you? echo. echo. :3 set /p Hello="" if %Hello%==Fine goto :4 if %Hello%==Good goto :4 if %Hello%==Great goto :4 if %Hello%==Cool goto :4 if %Hello%==Bad goto :4 if %Hello%==Cold goto :4 if %Hello%==Hot goto :4 if %Hello%==Weird
  3. Thanks for all your help, I like the other one you posted ut it looks a bit too complicated for me at this time, Also one more little question, Is there any way to reference their input so that it outputs the word they input, For example It'll ask you to type your name, But because I can't list every name possible I want it to reference the name and then output it, Would it be @echo off :name set /p Hello="- " if %Hello%==%Hello% goto :1 echo. echo. echo Invalid Command echo. echo. goto :name :1 echo Hello %Hello%!!! pause I think that's correct,
  4. Thanks for all your help, and so fast aswell. So if im correct set /p Hello="Type Your Name - " if %Hello%==Bob goto :6 if %Hello%==Kim goto :7 if %Hello%==John goto :8 if %Hello%==Gwen goto :9 echo Invalid command! if %Hello%==Bob goto :# - Checks for the input to be Bob then if it is it will go to :#, However if it's not it will go to the second line and check for the name Kim and so on.
  5. Kube

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    Nice design, It just looks a bit plain with the text, try blendin it in with the background and adding some overlays.
  6. Please C+C and be honest.
  7. Well, Im quite a novice to the MS-DOS and know most basics on it but I can't find anywhere that explains how to do this, Basically what I want to do is have the %USER% input a Name, Then the output would be %NAME% For example, I've used, :4 @echo Good, What's your name? :5 set /p Hello="Type Your Name - " if "%Hello%"=="Bob" goto :6 @echo Invalid command! goto :5 If you don't understand please reply and i'll go into more detail.
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