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  1. Umm thanks. But what I want to do is have all the preinstalls windows program files installed to a different drive letter, then the main OS, that would save me only a GB, but not sure if that is worth it or not. CGIMana Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q860 64GB SSD Primary Data Medium 500GB HDD Secondary Date Medium
  2. Do you get the same error with other ANtiVirus's? Try they are both free: http:\\www.microsoft.com\security_essentials or http:\\www.avast.com
  3. I just got a spaking new laptop with a 500GB HD, I also grabbed a 64GB SSD to use as the primary, and put the 500GB as the secondary. What I want to do is set the install of my windows 7 to only have the OS files on the 64GB HD. The program files are so small that they run just fine from the slower 500GB HDD. With vLIte can I have the install of windows install Program Files, Program Files (x86), Common Files, DevicePath, and MediaPathUnexpanded all to the D:\ drive to save space on the 64gb SSD for the games I want to install to it? Currently I have World of Warcraft and the OS on the SSD, but there isn't much room for many other games. Older games like Diablo 2 and Star Craft I don't mind installing to the HDD, but Diablo III and StarCraft 2 I know I want installed to the SSD, but I need to free up the space. I am guessing I need to get the install of Windows 7 files on the SSD to about 10-15GB with all the files and folders that can be redirected to the HDD. Any help would be really nice.
  4. Hello all! I am slipstreaming SP3 into Windows XP Home using nlite and I get an error about any Product key I try. (I have multiple machines I am trying to fix) I don't get any trouble with Windows XP Pro using the same SP3 file. When I just use SP2 Slipstream it works just fine. (the install CD is already SP2) I did integrate 77mb of driver data, would that effect the acceptance of the Product Key? Anyway, hope someone can get back to me! CGIMana--
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