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  1. Hi guys, Need your help here, im a begginer in .net programming. I have a table that contains only one row of data. this is the table script: CREATE TABLE `tblsiteconfig` ( `uscfid` int(1) AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL COMMENT 'Unique site config key value', `sitetitle` varchar(50) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Website title', `sitedescription` varchar(100) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Website description for meta tag generation', `sitekeywords` varchar(200) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Website keywords for meta tag generations for search engine indexing', `sitecopyright` varchar(200) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Website copyright notice to be displayed at the footer of every page', `siteadminemail` varchar(50) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Website webmaster email', `sitetelephone` varchar(20) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Website telephone number', `sitemaintenance` tinyint(1) COMMENT 'Website maintenance status', `sitenews` tinyint(1) COMMENT 'Enable/Disable site news', `sitepoll` tinyint(1) COMMENT 'Enable/Disable site poll', /* Keys */ PRIMARY KEY (`uscfid`) ) ENGINE = InnoDB COMMENT = 'Table containg basic site configuration parameter'; now, i can get the data to be displayed if i use these codes: Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.Odbc Protected Sub btnConnectMYSQL_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnConnectMYSQL.Click Dim myConnection As OdbcConnection = New OdbcConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("MYSQLDBCON").ConnectionString) Dim sSQL As String = "select * from tblsiteconfig where uscfid=1" Dim oDataAdapter As OdbcDataAdapter = New OdbcDataAdapter(sSQL, myConnection) Dim oDataSet As DataSet = New DataSet() oDataAdapter.Fill(oDataSet) grdDisplayData.DataSource = oDataSet grdDisplayData.DataBind() End Sub This populates the whole data into a grid. but, how can i change the code above so that i can assign individual value to a text box? eg: txtsitetitle.text = [sitetitle from database] Thanks in advance.
  2. 1. Go to www.google.com 2. In the search field, enter "the answer to life the universe and everything", without the quote. 3. Google will give u the ultimate answer. p/s: sorry if its posted before.
  3. Hi, Here's the situation. I've created a schedule to log the performance monitor log to a binary log file on my server. After the log file ends, i copied the log file and brought it to my workstation and used the view log file. I started the performance application (administrative tools --> performance) to load the log file at the workstation. the thing is, it displays nothing. so how can i view a log file created on a different machine on my computer? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. hi, need help here and hope someone can help me. heres the problem: I have a windows 2000 server running Terminal Services. the thing is, the network connectin keeps getting disabled and when i check the connection properties, TCP/IP and Client for Microsoft Networks is missing. so i add both back and restared the pc. it works fine but then after a few minutes@hours the same thing happens again. any idea whats causing this problem and anyway of solving it? thanx.
  5. What u playing at the moment?

    playing Independence War 2 - Edge of Chaos. currently in act 2.
  6. what i did to copy my favourites is i created a SFX archive of the favourites folder, and under SFX Options -> General: i set the path to extract to %USERPROFILE%\ and under the Modes tab i set the Silent Mode to Hide All and overwrite mode to overwrite all. then used the batch file to install the exe file. ECHO Installing Vortex's Favorites ECHO Please wait... start /wait $OEM$\Favorites\Favorites.exe /s ECHO Done.. and this is the SFX command generated by winrar: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Path=%USERPROFILE%\ SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 hope this helps. p/s: im using winrar 3.20.