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  1. Well, today I found myself with my Seagate ST3500620AS and HP12 FW (from a Compaq computer) bricked. My PC wouldn't boot until I disconnected that drive, and I suspected that it was the infamous BSY bug. I checked on Seagate page, and of course it was one of the drives with the buggy FW. I'm not scared to try new things, and although I knew all the stuff regarding the hyper terminal flashing and everything else, I didn't have the tools or the patience to wait an online purchase... Pretty lucky I have another drive that's the same model but with SD25 FW removed from a customer PC because it started to show defective sectors. I had downloaded the flash tool and HP13 FW from the HP web site, but as my bios didn't show the drive it was useless. I tried to swap the circuit board from both drives, but as anyone could expect, none of them worked. But then I realized something really interesting: both drives were recognised in the bios. Well, I thought, let's try flash the board on the other drive... It worked. Surprise surprise!!! After I swapped again the boards to the original drives, both of them work fine (well, not counting the bad sector problem). My drive works fine and although I lost some time looking for my old 3.5 Floppy drive and attaching it to my test rig, It's been much faster than anything else... I hope that it helps anyone!!! Saludos!