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  1. Any news about a new version of KernelEx?
  2. Hi everybody ! I'm new here and it's a real pleasure to find other fans and users of windows 98. I'm using different OS and my win98 is "windows 98 First Edition" First thanks to XENO for creating kernelex, this is really an incredible program ! Now for those of you who can't install flash 10 I may have a solution. If the registry hack isn't working this is what you can do. This works with firefox 3 and surely with firefox 2. I have to check for internet explorer. First downlad this file at : http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flash...hplayer-win.xpi Then you will have to change the extention of the file. For this rename the file flashplayer-win.xpi to flashplayer-win.zip . Now open the archive file flashplayer-win.zip and extract those 2 files : - flashplayer.xpt - NPSWF32.dll You have to put those files in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\PLUGINS or in the PLUGINS folder of firefox. And now you get it Flash 10 ! To check this, go to youtube please watch a video and right click on the video and you may see written flash 10 on the list. If you can't install firefox 3 please use the portable version of fire fox. I personnaly recommand firefox 3.0.11 firefox 3.5 doesn't seems to work.

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