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  1. Nice guide, when I get to 40. Type into the command prompt: peimg /inf= Drivers\*.inf /image=build_install If that didn’t work you may have to type the ones that didn’t work manually. Ex: peimg /inf= Drivers\e1000.inf /image=build_install I get errors "PEIMG failed to complete the operation with status code 0x80070003. Followed the guide exactly step by step. I'm doing this on a physical machine, not virtual btw.
  2. I've followed the exact guide on http://datanotes.wordpress.com/2007/11/26/...services-wds-2/ Why once I boot up the computer I'm trying to image, it does the network boot fine, it does the preinstallation fine, but this window comes up asking "The file 'c_20127.nls' on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK C:\sysprep\i386 Why am I experiencing this problem if I followed this guide properly? http://i562.photobucket.com/albums/ss62/altjx/1e6472f8.jpg I've tried starting from scratch and doing this over, same error.
  3. Okay, I have two computers hooked up to each other so I can test all this WDS stuff. I got the image captures created, but when I try to upload an image capture using the computer with the master image, it says "A device attached to the system is not functioning." I typed in my server's name, entered the administrator and password, and that error came up. Wtf is that? Fixed it, it's because I only had "mydomain.local" when in the WDS console the server was listed with my computer name in it. So i had to enter "computer-1.domain.local" and it worked
  4. I just installed Server 2003 in a Virtual PC. Made an Active Directory, DHCP Server, and DNS server. I already had another Virtual PC with XP on it, however, I couldn't ping the Virtual PC with server on it and vice versa. Also, I couldn't ping the Virtual PCs from my Host OS. Not sure if it's Virtual PC or just me. My VPC with XP can't even join the domain with Server on it, and I'm guessing, the first troubleshooting step would be trying pinging the other VPC? And that didn't even work.
  5. I'm trying to find somewhere that shows ALL parameters of unattended.txt. I've found one on microsoft, but it seems to be missing some parameters... someone told me about the repartition=yes paramater, and that's not on microsoft's unattended parameter site so i'm assuming its missing alot more anywhere to find them ALL?
  6. K, I think it's done so far. One more question, Is there a unattended.txt parameters guide? The one from microsoft doesn't have the repartition=yes like some suggested if I wanted it to automatically format. I'm guessing microsoft's guide doesn't have many more, is there a guide that has ALL of the possible unattended.txt parameters? EDIT: Great, apparently my XP installation froze after Installing Devices. Neither the CD or HD light is blinking. And it's stuck at 33 minutes with the slideshow still going. Just knew it, couldn't go too well right?
  7. Sure, I think I fixed them. Firstly, I was using MagicISO to burn my image to a disc, and somehow the setup.exe was corrupted. It didn't even recognize it as a valid win32 application. So I burned the image again using Nero 9, and I think it's working properly. I'll post here after I test this in Virtual PC again CDBOOT: Cannot boot from CD - Code: 4 WTF... This is unbelievable. Problem after problem, more and more, they're creating each other. Just read it's something about Nero creating an emulation. Ugh... They say to change the Sectors to 4, and put No Emulation. So i'll try this. EDIT: WORKS, WOOT!! Now back to my topic, gotta see if this unattended installation goes correct with this winnt.sif stuff... Hopefully it doesn't give me any error.
  8. For some reason, when I boot Virtual PC using the ISO with the XP installation, it works clearly fine without the winnt.sif in the i386 folder. However, when I go through the setupmgr to create my answer file, and I finish. I rename unattended.txt to winnt.sif and copy winnt.sif to the i386 folder, and burn everything to an ISO. So, after winnt.sif is in the i386 folder, as I'm booting, I'm getting errors such as "txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing". What am I doing wrong? I followed the unattended guide on this site. I only followed the Beginners - Creating a basic unattended setup part since I'm only trying to make an unattended installation. I tried booting up using the iso i created the CD with and got an error saying something about D:\i386\asm EDIT: I'm trying to make an unattended installation of Windows XP Pro with SP3 btw. Dunno if that matters or not.
  9. yeah sorry i wasnt requesting, just asked if you have it so you would be able to tell me what steps i'd have to follow. i guess i'll get a bootable image of Norton Ghost and try it then, heh. Thanks
  10. Ah, okay. Would booting from Hiren's Boot CD, and ghosting it would work? So I'm understanding that you have a bootable Norton Ghost CD. You boot off that, make the image, and bring that CD to anywhere with the hard drive you want to store it on (even if its another PC), then you boot Norton Ghost CD again and restore the image?
  11. After it shuts down, it is at that point you capture the image. If you boot it up and then capture it, you can get errors. edit: mergy this post with my above one plz. Oh okay, so how would I capture the image after it shuts down?
  12. Lol, I'm downloading Norton Ghost 14.0 now, but when using Sysprep though, a sysprep guide says press Reseal and it will shut the computer down to prepare the computer for the end user, will it reboot automatically and I'm supposed to make the image afterwards? And I'm guessing after Norton Ghost makes the bootable image, the system will automatically start the sysprep stuff? And Norton Ghost doesn't back up my HD to a bootable ISO, now i'm lost again >_<!
  13. Exactly. Thanks sooo much dude, honestly, you've helped me a tremendous amount. I've been troubleshooting tons of stuff for about 4 hours. Thanks again ONNNE more little question and i PROMISE i wont bother you again lol. What software do you recommend as far as creating the image?
  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OMG THANK YOU! No wonder I got so GOD **** CONFUSED. I thought when the Windows XP Setup was running, it was the actual installation, ahhh...thanks so much dude So that's like, install fresh copy of XP, install all software, sysprep, then image, and then boot from that image off another comp =)
  15. ugh, this is more complicating than what I thought. I only wanted to see how they did it in class.. It was pretty much like this. We turned on our computers, and Windows XP Setup Installation came up, and after the installation, it already had stuff on it like MS Office 2007, Adobe Reader, stuff like pidgin. I was just trying to find out how they did that. and I was asking because it basically looked like it was a CD from the manufacturer, except with additional stuff on it.

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