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  1. what is a good program to burn dvd at a low speed maybe i burned it to fast at 4x hash matches thats why i am wondering why it doesn't work
  2. hello my specs are abit an78gs 4 gigs ocz 1066 ram 160 gig maxtor sata hd 7750 kuma processor and my problem is every time i try to install windows 7 or vista it wont work .. it gets stuck at the driver page load driver and comes up with this i put in my motherboard driver cd and that doesn't work so i go on nvidias page get the new nforce drivers 15.37 and extract it to usb and point to the sata drivers that doesn't work my dvd drive is master on the ide cable and i have one hard drive thats in slot one vista 64 bit edition doesnt work either i thought it would be windows 7 only but xp 64 bit works but no vista or 7 ..any suggestions?

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