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  1. Yes, I've run nLite against the same modified (by nLite) source to do minor adjustments. I've tested each generated iso in a virtual environment several times just to make sure it works as it should. I didn't include any hotfixes. The UPS is connected to the PC via USB. USB seems to work fine at least with memory sticks but as I said in my original post I have some weird issues with my USB S-ATA connector with internal HDD attached. So I understand that I didn't make a tweak/setting in nLite that would cause this? Oh and I didn't use nLite at my work place, we have a special deployment version here. BTW what's wrong with this forum, I get the weirdest error messages while trying to add a reply, create topic etc. Is it because I use Firefox? This would be the first site that behaves abnormally in Firefox but works fine in IE.
  2. Hello, So I made an unattended and tweaked Windows XP installation kit but the UPS service is not functioning, I get "Error 2481: The UPS service is not configured correctly" when I attempt to start it manually. I tried setting it to automatic, restarted Windows, nothing. Also the UPS is not detected at all. It worked fine with my previous Windows XP. Also I have the same UPS installed on more than 10 workstations at work and it was detected on all of them without problems. I can't even install the software that came with the UPS, giving me an error that it cannot find the UPS! By the way, the UPS is an APC Back-UPS. I had another annoying problem after installation was finished, the Administrator account was set to autologon even though I configured in nLite NOT to do autologon. I had to search for the command to disable autologon. Also I have another issue which might not be related to nLite (until I test this on another Windows XP on another PC I cannot be sure): I use an external USB to S-ATA connector to read an internal HDD. After I freshly installed nLite Windows I wanted to access the HDD as I did in my old Windows but I get a delay write failed, causing some directories to be unreadable (each time different directories!). I very much doubt that the HDD or that connector suddenly malfunctioned but again, I cannot be sure until I test it on another PC. In order to give all the potential helpers a starting point, I attached the .ini used to create my nLite Windows. LAST_SESSION.INI
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