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  1. hi there when i try these commands on the new pcb F3 T>/1 F3 1>$ i have that response : Unable to load Diag Overlay any ideas guys ?
  2. hi all i have a 0mb drive after changing the pcb of the drive so i tried to do the 0 lba method and i have this error F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 Error 1008 DETSEC 0000500E Process Defect List Error R/W Sense 00000002, R/W Error 841C0087, List Offset 00000000, File Error 00000001 does anybody knows what to do ?
  3. hi all i have a little problem the hard drive makes no sound :/ and of course no response in the hyper-terminal i used a usb to ttl converter so it's auto powered by the usb port... when i cross the wire Rx and Tx I have a response but when i connect it to the drive, nothing :/ does anybody have a solution ?
  4. ah cool merci moi j'ai pris la même chose mais en usb en bulgarie lol j'attends de le recevoir ^^ encore merci man je te tiens au courant sur ce fofo dans quelques jours j'espère par contre moi j'ai l'impression que le moteur est mort car il fait pu de bruits (déjà qu'il était silencieux alors.... lol) merci encore*bye
  5. Have you tried uninstalling the cable within Device Manager, rebooting, then re-installing? the cable doesn't appears in the device manager anymore i don't know why because it worked yesterday and i changed nothing i tried different usb ports always the same.... nothing :'(
  6. thx bowbe for your help i think my cable is dead because it's not recognize but xp anymore how can i check if my hard drive is still good ?
  7. What kind of adapter are you using to talk to the drive? EDIT: Sorry, read your last post... The DKU-5 (other readers correct me if I'm wrong) should be powered 3.3V+ from USB, so you don't need the molex to power the adapter. The SATA power connector just needs to give the drive power, while the TX, RX, and GND from the DKU-5 communicate with the drive's PCB. so my work was good tell me why i can't communicate with the pcb ? any idea ? after a check my usb wire isn't recognized by windows.... i have installed the good drivers and it worked yesterday 'til the error i think the drive is fried
  8. You have to remove the pcb to put the cardstock down anyway, so you might as well try it. EDIT: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=850705 It mentions post #701. SPIN ERROR was from no contact on the PCB. When I had the same problem, I unscrewed the screws a tiny bit, then tightened it back down. Spin Error went away after that, and I was able to continue to the next step. i done that i remove the pcb from the HDD but still no communication.... i have to use a molex adaptator or not ? just a sata power connector (with orange wire) ?
  9. hello i have a seagate st3500320as firmware sd15 bricked so i tried this forum's method with a dku-5 nokia cable but when i have to enter the U command i had this error : Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 Spin Error Elapsed Time 8.617 secs R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180 so i stopped everything and cleaned up my connectors but since this i can't connect to the HDD and can't communicate with it........ i read that to fix this kind of error i had to completely remove the pcb from the HDD do you think it will work for me ? any idea ? (sorry for my mistakes)