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  1. It may depend how I install AVG. Because I wasn't able to get AVG 8.5 going in nLite I made the AVG installation part of a batch file with a simple command line call to install it. It's probably HERE where it doesn't turn off the security warning. The concept of editing registry keys I've heard of but I'm not familiar with GuiRunOnce so am off to look that up now...... In any case, thanks for your help. I have some sense of direction now. I hope.
  2. I guess I'm not slipstreaming proerly then. How's that done? I usually load a previous sessions and proceed through the screens, sometimes adding an add-on, sometimes subtracting one. I take it that I should be doing something different.
  3. Actually, we're not even using it to deploy anything yet. Just evaluating and testing in Virtual PC. Also testing Ghost and some other open source things.
  4. Tralbry, in another thread you were asked about the nLite-licence. I do this again, please make sure if the licence fits with your nLite-use. And in that thread I responded that this was not for a business but for PCs provided to low income for them to use as they wish, as their own personal PCs.
  5. Wow! Thanks! An ez fix. I guess I should have thought of this - that someone had created an Add-on. Thank you, again!
  6. On our auto-install PCs we install AVG 8.5. In the Windows systray there is an icon for the security center that will do occasional pop-ups warning that we "may need security protection" because Windows itself isn't managing any virus detection programs. Does anyone know a way to automatically turn off the warning message? Right now we have to do it manually or else people freak out that they have no virus protecting (when in fact they do). This is noobie request for help #4, so don't think you can give me too much info on how to fix this. For example, if an adjustment to the registry is needed don't assume that I know how to do THAT, either. Any hep is greatly appreciated, of course.
  7. I am using nLite to create my basic XP Installation Image. During the image installation this will create the standard Start Menu options for "Windows Update". We prefer to use "Microsoft Update" because MS Update = Windows Update + Updates for other MS products like MP11. That's why we typically use Windows Update the 1st time but then select the "Microsoft Update" option on the MS web interface to use install "MS Update" instead. I already have a batch file that installs some extra software and I would like to include the "MS Update" exe as part of this so that it is automatically installed when the BAT file runs. So my basic question is: Where can I get the EXE that installs the "MS Update" program so that future automated updates are done by the "MS Update" interface, not the "Windows Update" interface? I don't see a download for it on Microsoft.com but maybe someone here has found it there or knows another way to do an unattended install of "MS Update"??
  8. I already include IE7, MP11 and some other things through my nLite build. If I add all my HotFixes to the nLite Build screens the resulting ISO is too big to fit on a CD. Is there an easy way to install a bunch of Hotfixes from a second disk, network drive for some other way after the nLite ISO has fully installed? I realize that this post could go in the Unattended Installs section but I'm asking for advice. Would you do it the wasy I asked about or would you do the Hotfixes inside of nLite and do those other apps outside of it as a seprate disk? Basically my goal is to find a way to distribute my installations acroos multiple CDs for the scenario where the PC doesn't have a DVD player. And yes, I know that Flash Drives are an option but CDs would be better in our environment.
  9. I've tried to use Forum Searches for this but got nowhere, but this has GOT to be a simple thing to do..... I have 2 or 3 simple text files and a BAT batch file. I just want to have them copied to certain directories during the nLite installation process. I don't even need to LAUNCH the BAT file... I just want to copy it somewhere where someone can easily find it and launch it manually. Same with the text files. I just want to put them in a specific directory, let's say on the Desktop. I have a folder on the PC I use to create my nLite ISO images called c:\nLite-Files2Copy. Let's say Ludwig.txt is one of the simple text files in there. How do I use nLite to have that file copied to the Desktop? It it in RunOnce? Or do I put it in the $OEM? Any help is appreciated. Detailed help is even more appreciated. By the way, I've seen references in forums to RunOnceEx. Is this built into nLite? I haven't found it.
  10. Could you explain this in more details? The only SVCPACK.INF file I have is the one built into my PCs OS, i.e. C:\Windows\Svcpack.inf. When I looked for something similar in the nLite installation XP I386 folders, the closest I came was a svcpack.in_ file.
  11. Thanks. Didn't know there was such a forum.
  12. We are a non-profit distributing donated PCs to low-income individuals for their personal use. Not a business. I think we're okay license-wise, no? Please notice that the nLite license that you agreed to when you installed it, does not allow business use, only personal use. Enjoy, John.
  13. Still looking for an Add-on for AVG 8.5 I realize that some people advocate using the RunOnce option in nLite but I'd appreciate a detailed explanation of that including everything from where to put the AVG installation EXE to all the switches that would match up tp that. Thanks. Same goes for using a DOS-style batch file. I have the BAT file but would like to know where to place it and on my PC and what switches I should use. Thanks.

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