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  1. So when is version 3 coming out?.. Gonna be doing some lite'ing soon...
  2. Updated the package today. Changes in changelog.txt.
  3. Sooooo... Have you figured that out or what???
  4. Well, it's like it is written in the guide 1. You don't start run.cmd, in fact there is no run.cmd, not until you start USBMultiWimSetup.cmd. That's what you should be doing. To do that you boot into PE - the boot.wim from your installation media (you must put it on your USB drive as described in the guide). When PE boots and the welcome screen is shown you press Shift+F10 to start cmd window. Then you go to the root of the drive where your wims and xmls are and where your USBMultiWimSetup.cmd should be. If you're not used to cmd interface you can just type notepad there, then in notepad windo
  5. Yeap, that's the way to go I think... 7 and Vista should be deployed separately using this method. I didn't think about Vista when developing this anyway.
  6. That would be great and appreciated. Didn't get that.
  7. Well, I don't see why it shouldn't. I don't have any Vista's to test though.
  8. I've put together techniques from different guides and made a script that allows one to place several WIM's and XML answer files in some directories on one disk (USB, HDD, CD/DVD,...) and have them listed in script's menu after the installation media's PE boot. You can select an image and an answer file to use and start the installation. How it works. PE boots. If you've injected the autostart script into it - disks are scanned and when found USBMultiWIMSetup.cmd is started (if you haven't injected the autostart script you have to manually start the USBMultiWIMSetup.cmd from command prompt). I
  9. And those of us that have Win7 installed in drives/partitions other than C:\> are ready to test things when the updates/changes are made. +1
  10. Hey everyone)... Cool down, LOL)... I'm just saying I'll stick to vLite, for now... And then, well... We'll see)... And yes, having Nuhi back here would be really fantastic...
  11. Well, what Nuhi did several years before for Vista fully suits my needs today with my W7... And it is far more stable for me then this tool specifically designed for W7... vLite is a quality product, proven with time.
  12. Hahaha)))... What a nice progie))))... Good luck to you, Dev's... With that kind of attitude and... "quality")))... ChiefZeke: Thnx for clearing this up... P.S. : vLite and DISM rule!) P.P.S. : Nuhi is da BEST!)))
  13. Yes... Why? Is there a difference? Should I use x86 one? I'm on Winx64. Update: Tried x86 version 1.4.0 on W7 x86, same story, but I figured out a way to lunch the app by first pressing "quit" in an error window, and then pressing "Continue" in a second identical window. However, when I'm trying to do something I get the same error repeatedly... So no-go ( ...
  14. 1) If you're talking about the host OS - it's MSDN W7 Pro, where everything is in place. I also tried it on a just installed one, the only modification to it was the WAIK, so it couldn't be messed up. And I never use Windows modified by anybody... 2) If you're talking about the guest, the one that I'm trying to modify - it's irrelevant at all, because I get the error the moment I start the app. 3) If I'm not mistaken, .Net Framework v2.0 - 3.5 is integrated into any W7, so I don't see how that could happen. I also don't understand why it is said to have .Net 3.5 while this app only works on NT
  15. I'm sorry... But WTF is this? I launch this app on a just installed MSDN W7Pro x64 Eng (WAIK W7 installed too) and all I get is the error. Tried several times, reinstalling host W7... And why do you specify the .Net Framework 3.5 as a pre-requisite for W7 if it's a part of any W7 already?!!! At the same time it looks like some other required files that aren't there by default are not mentioned. Look into this please. So, once again, to clear things up: I just installed my W7 Pro x64, installed WAIK for W7, installed RT Seven Lite. I start it. 1) I get a "WAIK installation" window, suggesting m
  16. clpdj Hey man... It seems that all Volume (and probably OEM) editions of W7 get messed up when processed by vLite (and probably by any other program alike). At least that's my personal experience with W7 Pro VL and W7 Enterprise VL and vLite. Any Retail version seems to be working out just fine. But I just might be wrong. Correct me someone if I am... Hope that helps...
  17. W7 Pro x64 Lite - YEAH!!!

  18. I'm very very interested (cause vLite is crashing). How do I do that? Will it shrink the image?
  19. That doesn't suit my needs... Can't it remove immediately?
  20. So, what's the purpose of the program once again? Cuz I removed some packages and the size of the image is just the same. So what's the point? W7 Pro x64 here.
  21. Thanks Martin H, will use that! Another issue - been starting unattended (nLited) XPx64SP2 install via WINNT32.EXE from XPx64 environment and I wasn't able to select where to install to (while in textmode). It installed on first volume of sufficient size. I checked those 2: filesystem=* and Autopartition=0. Any ideas? Attaching some files to look at... And how about that $OEM$ issue? How do you add something to be started at T13 with nLite's RunOnce? WINNT.zip
  22. It's an nLited En_XP_Pro_SP3, MSDN... It was nLited once, no SP integration or file editing was done. I've been doing some testing and researching and had figured it out. It works now. What was done: I have rebuilt my image without removing Manual install and upgrade (I only had WINNT.EXE before). Also I realized that I haven't moved the $OEM$ dir to I386\. So I did that. Although during the first copying of files there was one error: couldn't copy some .mui file, the rest of the setup process went flawlessly. Well that error is meaningless as you have to stay near PC until the textmode file c
  23. Hi! I'm installing my nLited XP Pro SP3. Works perfect from CD (has been installed many many times)... BUT Now I'm installing it from HDD from DOS command prompt using WINNT.EXE. As I want to install it unattended (as I always did before from CD) I use the same WINNT.SIF file. While in textmode, copying files (at 98%) installation says it can't copy some files. And that would be all the integrated internally by nLite drivers. Well, I skip them all. Then it finishes it's job, reboots and installs as usual (NOTE - WINNT.SIF is working OK). XP installs as usual, but, obviously, non of the integra
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