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  1. hmmmm... So I just need to downgrade the firmware, fix it through the serial port with the busy fix, and update it again. Hmmm. I'll definitely try this. To the guy having no output from the drive itself, try connecting the molex ground to the usb->serial converter AND to the drive ground. It's the pin to the left of rx and tx.
  2. Hey guys, I need your help. I have a 500gb 7200.11 faulty drive, I've managed to run the 0lba and busy fix I guess, just don't know how well it runned. Anyways, the symptoms of my drive is that after a cold boot, the bios and any os can detect it normally, I can view and change the data on it. After like 2 minutes, the drive just crashes, bios stop recognizing it and all. The problem is that I managed to update it's firmware already, it's already at sd1a firmware version, but still the problem occurs. I have more than 400GB of data in this hdd and since I can see and access the data on it, I'm pretty much hopeful than a simple fix may fix it forever. Ah, just remembered, I've done the 0lba fix, but couldn't manage to keep my adapter working for the busy fix. I'm using home made jumpers, the contact is terrible, it's all messed up. Anyways, I just want to know if anyone with this symptom of driving shutting down after a while (and returning normally after a cold boot) managed to fix the drive using the busy fix.