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  1. I've managed to update the firmware and get a response from the drive but it seem to get stuck at this stage. With isolator without isolator but the symptoms are still the same gets detected once only... Any ideas out there?
  2. Is there any other way of updating the firmware... besides using the TX RX ports on the ST3500320AS SD15?
  3. i've tried everything so far and i double check everything as well so i've come to the conclusion this drive cannot be resolved i guess it has to go for data recovery. if there's anyone out there that can advise it would be appreciated. thank you jaclaz & Jhothagondyaz for your help.
  4. thanks Jhothagondyaz but i already soldered the wires to the board so there no issue with connectivity. any other ideas?
  5. i'm using a scope meter to do my measurements and i'm sure my interface is working output is at 4.80v. i plugged an older 320gb HD in and it seems to read the output data. here the 320gb result is the HD fried?
  6. i'm using 5v rail of a psu with 5v regulator
  7. jaclaz thank you for joining in with you help maybe this is my issue but when i use the inter face on another drive it works but i just checked the interface without it being connected i get 0.8v (maybe suspect) i do have another usb to serial but this voltage output is 6.2v which i think it's way to high but then i know this usb - serial converter is 100% working, is any way i can reduce the usb converter voltage to use on the drive.
  8. i'll try that Jaclaz but i just noticed that the RX TX voltage output is 1.2v is this to low?
  9. Hyperterminal is exactly like that
  10. GND connected - yes no noises operations normal - gets detected in bios once only hand over - spinning, no heat i tried isolating the head as well, still the same.
  11. Hi Jhothagondyaz, Firstly many thanks for your response it's very much appreciated. this was the result i got back when i attached the 320gb drive at 9600bps but when i do the same at 38400 8-N-1 with the 500gb i don't get any response form the drive. Any ideas?
  12. You can expand the information in detail? I have followed the instruction as yo how to connect the RX TX from the interface to the HD's TX RX. I have some spare drives but not the same as the ST3500320AS SD15, when i connect the ST3250310A to the interface i can read info coming from the ST3250 but not ST3500. all terminal settings is as described on post #1. The out put voltage is of the interface is just under 5v, there was a moment were there was a response but i can't seem to get back to that stage i'm checking over my circuit to make sure it's working 100%.
  13. Hi All, I need some assistance please! My seagate is in BYS state, it detects in the bios once and then enters the BSY state. I've built the MAX 232 interface but i'm still having issues communicating with the ST3500320AS SD15 drive, i can do a loopback test and i have tried the interface on a seagate 200gb drive and i seem to get a response from that but i can't get the same response from the ST3500320AS. I'm i doing something wrong or is my HD fried? Please can someone advise.