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  1. Hi,

    Another question about an AiO installation. I made a custom wim file with x86 and x64 in it. I did some registery tweaks and added some custom wallpapers but when i apply these settings and rebuild all the images is does only apply to the version of Windows i selected ealier. I figured out that i have to do the same trick over and over for every version of Windows inside the image to apply them to all of the version wich take alot of time whenever i have to make a small adjustment.

    Can any1 help me out how to apply them to ALL of the images inside the wim file without rebuilding and reloading them every time?

  2. ..

    so i can no longer select the edition i want to install at the beginning of the setup...

    I also use this in my autounattend;




    <MetaData wcm:action="add">








    wich you should place directly above you <UserData>

  3. I use the dutch OEM version without SP1. Is the SP1 RTM allready available for OEM? I made the oia just by merging it into the x86 install.wim

    Also i wonder how i determine what updates i have to add in the wim file so i dont have a bunch of them afterward to download.

    You just install windows and write down the KB number and download them seperatly? I guess there must be a better way to do this...

  4. Hi,

    I got this problem where is have to reimage loads of used computers with a custom image of XP wich contain classified information.

    The image is not the problem, i build up fully working image but i'm sure i can find some classified information on the harddisk with programs like get-data-back or speccy if i want to.

    I know there are some programs for such things but i guess most run manualy.. so is there any way to make sure that the data is erased unattended before i deploy my image?

    I use WDS 2008 R2 to deploy the images.


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