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  1. WDS Client Issue

    I see where you are coming from with it being a network issue as I was getting this message, or a similar message before when spanning tree was off and failing. We are using HP Procurve switches. Backbone and Edge and i have checked the GUI + CLI interfaces for a reference to Fastport and I haven't found that option. I have read somewhere before about Spanning Tree + Fastport needing to be on. However im not sure that our switches have a fast port option.
  2. WDS Client Issue

    Thank you for your reply however; I've used a Windows 7 x86 boot image. The image does exactly the same as the Vista boot image. It had the drivers needed in the image already. The computer is recieving an IP address and can talk to the servers. The message says: WDSClient: There was a problem initializing WDS Mode However the pxe still works with the other system on the network.. Please anymore suggestions anyone?
  3. WDS Client Issue

    Thanks for you reply. I have injected the vista drivers into my boot image. In the command prompt window in the vista boot image screen the image can see the network adapter. The network adapter is working and i can ping my servers both using the Server name and the IP address which leads me to believe TCP/IP & the DNS resolution is working.
  4. WDS Client Issue

    Hi All I have had a problem with deploying an image to one particular model of PC at work. I have stepped closer to solving the issue but I have once again hit a road block. I will start with the background of the problem so you know what I have already tried and where I am up to in this issue. A few months ago we needed to re-image the entire organisation's computers due to, upgrade, virus and performance reasons. I have set up a WDS server on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 machine. This setup worked on all the computers from our supplier manufactured 2005 - 2008. Which have been PXE version 2.0. However this year's delivery are using Gigabyte G31M-ES2L motherboards. The info for the built in Ethernet card is as follows (some of which is shortened): Intel UNDI PXE-2.1 (build 82) Covered Patients... etc Realtek PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller Series v2.25 (090106) To begin with the computer would not detect the WDS server at the stage of searching for the IP address at PXE BIOS level. After a conversation with our supplier they suggested using Options 66 & 67 on our DHCP server. So, I configured the options as follows: Option 66 - (WDS Server IP address) Option 67 - boot\x86\pxeboot.com When booting the machine into PXE the client then discovered the WDS sever and would load the boot image. Once in the boot image an error message occured: WDSClient: An error occurred while obtaining an IP Address from the DHCP Server After investigating using the SHIFT+F10 shortcut to try and renew the ip address, I found the ethernet controller would not appear after entering the command. I took the boot image and used WAIK to inject the correct Ethernet Drivers to this image. I have now added this boot image to the WDS server and booted the client from it. I now recieve this error message: WDSClient: There was a problem initialising WDS Mode. I also have enable Spanning Tree on all of our backbone and edge switches as this was also causing the DHCP request to fail. I am using an editted boot image from a Windows Vista CD I have tried adding a delay to the PXE response (currently on 0) I cannot figure out why this is still showing an error. Could anyone assist with this issue, either if they have extensive knowledge of WDS or have solved this problem by encountering it themselves? If you need anymore information to assist, please ask. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Domain Wide ACL issues

    I was not aware of that, no. Thank you for letting me know. I will bare that in mind in future. Before we were even thinking about NewSid the scheduled tasks and registry changed would work. It was only when we started replicating the Domain Controllers and since have we had the problem. Therefore i don't believe that it is a SID issue. Could this issue of occurred from a corrupt GPO or a setting being not being transfered properly?
  6. Domain Wide ACL issues

    The majority of our machines have unique SIDs. There will be a few of the machines on the network with the same SID, but we had computers with the same SID before this problem occurred. We now use NewSid and have been since before the issue occurred.
  7. Domain Wide ACL issues

    We have tried many different scheduled tasks. even the most basic thing like opening command prompt windows - once only. It happens with the top level administrator account to a basic user account and with the local admin account too. We use an ACL fix script from the internet, which has been adapted slightly i do believe. But this ACL error came about the time when we moved AD to another server. So it is not a problem with the ACL reset switch. I think there is something to do with the servers which, when the computers "check in" with the domain controller is screws up the ACL again. Yes we do have a domain wide group policy active. Along with some OU group policies for different sectors of our organisation. We also tried installing Sophos remotely and locally to our machinces, due to the permissions it will not allow the anti-virus to install because the registry cannot be changed.
  8. I will start with explaining the rough set up and the issues we are having, but if there is anymore information you need to know to help me fix this problem please feel free to ask. This summer we are planning to re-deploy images to all our PC's due to these issues we have been through. Our computers have picked up ACL issues, these stop us creating scheduled tasks, and prevent applications with services/registry installs/changes from installing. We are running all our servers on Server 2003, one of which is Server 2003 x64. We are running all of our computers on Windows XP Professional, most of which are running on SP3.We have had a Server 2008 on the domain but as the majority of staff have not had much experience with it, we have reverted back to Server 2003. Our PDC was replicated, but the Server with the global catalog crashed and we have not been able to recover this server, therefore we could not demote it, but we have now enabled the Global Catalog on our PDC. The active directory has been replicated 5 or 6 times to now be established on its current Server 2003 x64 OS. I have a laptop which has Windows XP Professional SP3 on which has been connected to the network, but never added to the domain, as far as i am aware, it has had no ACL issues. Which leads me to believe it is our Domain causing the problem. We created a script which resets the Access Control Lists, which seems to work for a few hours (allows schedules tasks to be created etc) but the ACL's seem to break themselves again. Has anyone come across this problem before, or do you have any ideas/suggestions on what to do to fix this problem. We do not want to re-deploy the entire networks' nodes only to find this error re-occurs. Thanking you in advance. Kevin