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  1. Hello to everybody and many many thanks for the big help.... I ll need a little more of your help though.... My seagate was not recognized...so I followed the instructions and managed to unlock it and make it visible at bios AND computer managment with full capacity... However I dont have access to the drive, no any drive letter on My Computer and although I can see the drive on disk managment (healthy status) I do right click to activate it but no option is coning. I also tried the external way (inside a usb box) but same thing happens. New hardware pops but no any letter for the drive....Any Ideas? Sorry for the big post and for the bad English.... Ok, I finally managed to give it a letter through computer managment (system can see it only if it is connected through usb/external case) and Im already bucking up my precious files...Dont know what I did wrong and that strange thing happened but I realy dont care....As soon as I ll have all my files back that piece of garbage is going where it belongs...to the trash can I thank Gradious2, Aviko and all the other friends who shared their experiences, made fresh guides and instructions and helped all of us in a way that some HDD company (I dont even spell the name) should have done a long time ago..... You people are realy amazing!!!