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  1. Hello, World!

    Hello, world! I'm LoR, from Italia, and I've joined to ask some questions, but I hope to have a great experience on the whole.. ..in fact, I'm creating a multiboot dvd for an italian forum... the idea is to match some recovery/partitioning distros and some linux&xp releases, obviously for a demonstrative purpose, and I've encountered some problems with the winbuilder LiveXP it's driving me crazy If you wanna give me some help, please read my post in the Super-Disc Multi-Boot Project thread thanks
  2. Well, hello, world! I followed this howto and I did my isolinux multiboot with linux, xp and win2000... I thought I would have no problem in booting a winbuilder LiveXP, but I was wrong... I couldnt find any bootsect.bin and i think isolinux cannot boot SETUPLDR.BIN I knew I had to create an image that boot setupldr.bin & bootfix.bin in the i386 dir, and I did with bbie: I have no problem in booting if i copy the LiveXP "\" in my multiboot "\"... ...but, as you can guess, it means I can integrate just one LiveXP for dvd... Yeah, one LiveXP per dvd is enough but I just would like not to have such a messy iso I think the problem is redirecting the entire process from "\i386" folder to "\Livexp\i386"... I've tried modifying txtsetup, but i think i have to modify setupldr or doing something similar to the xp installer... and it's over my skills... Anyway, I realize I'm trying like a blind in a open space so, please: help! (like the beatles used to say)