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  1. Hey Dencorso... Thanks for your reply.... no problem.... I hope my topic brings many more views here and maybe answers to those of us who've may have become too yupified to do it all on their own anymore....LOL. It's kinda frustrating to have a new system sitting for a year because you just aren't sure where to begin on this. I will definitely be looking over those posts and planning. Maybe this topic can be the area where the final steps are ordered and put so someone looking for the same information, like me, can come here and read what they need to do. It would save time from having to look through all the posts and come up with their own installation instructions.... possibly missing something important in the process. I had become fairly familiar with your name from reading a fair amount here before signing up and asking my question..... lol. Thanks for you assistance. LAter, Tim aka guitar_samuri ( A shout out to all those in the Virginia area who remember the Megabashes and would remember me as Poltergeist in the WWIV BBS days.... not to forget GBBS, RBBS and a slew of others.... <grin>)
  2. Hello all... First I want to thank all of you that have been experimenting with this to keep the availability of 98se around for those of us whom still may want to use it, but don't have the time or all of the knowledge to do so. My thanks to you all for taking on this task. Secondly I have a small request... has there been some generalized guide as to how to install 98se on a new system (meaning a specific outline of general steps... with info on which files to patch and where to download valid patches)? I have an HP m8300f (amd 6000 with 2 320gb hard drives and bought another 160gb drive for 98se). It has been sitting for about 1 year as I have been trying to find out how to install 98se and deal with the issues you all are addressing, like memory.... lol. At the minimum, I want to make it a dual boot with 98se and xp pro on separate drives, possibly a tri-boot with linux too. Each OS on a separate drive. It currently has vista on it... but I want to wipe that off. It is still a stock machine with the exception of the extra drive I have bought for it.... also plan to canabalize it later by upgrading mother board, case and such to make it into a decent machine. I would like to get it working in the mean time.... and add myself to the list of machines with 98se and more than 1gb of memory.... A little info on myself.... I was BBSing back in the 80s as a teen.... so I can follow most of the details on here but would have to brush up as I go along to remember a lot of the more technical info. Ex.... I know what hexadecimal is... but don't expect me to be able to do memory tracing on the fly....LOL.. Thanks for your time and consideration.... LAter, Tim aka guitar_samuri