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  1. More or less it should mean that the contacts AFTER REMOVING the cardboard are NOT making contact properly. The suggested solution is to press slightly the board with a finger (obviously through some insulating material or with a rubber glove/finger protection) in the area above the contacts to make them "touch" and re-issue the F3 2>U command. If you have VERY steady hand you can very carefully untighten a bit the surrounding screws and re-tighten them. A good idea would be, before trying this, and with no power connected, to disassemble again the board and to thoroughfully clean the contacts with a specific contact cleaner on both board and drive and use a thinner cardboard/plastic insulator. (if using a plastic card be VERY careful about statics) jaclaz Now its's clearer...thanks, I'll do as you said.
  2. WolfDie and mrkimrkonja I have found the same problem and one solution at this webpage: http://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=11:36760-134 okapi had the same problem: Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 I have translated this with google translator: "Push your finger on the card on top of contacts leading to germoblok and again imposed a command U (no extraction toe) - and everything turned out! Next was the instructions about not remembering the finger, which is continuously pressed (not with all the force of course) has been all to the end and received the following" And this: "It is clear that simply losing contact during the process! Perhaps it is better to double up a bit, removing the cost and certainly not prosovyvat thick gasket materials. Although, I had a thin celluloid." Then I will to open and new forum with pichi's solution, not okapi's solution ... lol ... it is a joke This seems to be the answer to my problem...but can someone explain it further???
  3. My DKU-5 cable is working...I'm only using the the white and the red cable...no ground,no additional power F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.129 msecs after removing the cardboard... F3 2>U DiagError 00006008 Spin Error Elapsed Time 7 mins 17 secs R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180 Please help me!!!
  4. I sent back my HDD to Seagate for free data recovery for those affected by BSY bug...everyhting is free including the shipping fee. UPS went to my doorstep to pickup my HDD. I saw that $42 is the cost of shipping it back and Seagate paid for it. After 5 days, they wrote me a letter... " Please be informed that upon our Engineers findings, your hard drive cannot be upgrade as the drive is making a clicking sound. Therefore, your hard drive failed not because of a firmware issue but a drive related issue. Here are two options, that you may consider 1) Do you want us to sent you the drive back for you to do your own data recovery at your own cost, or 2) We will arrange for a new replacement hard drive to be shipped to you Please choose one of the options and let me know" I am sure that my HDD is not clicking (I can feel by touching that it's just spinning...) when I sent it to them. Mine is 500GB 7200.11 model: ST350032AS fw: SD15. Bios just can't recognized my HDD and I know it's a BSY bug! I just don't know what to do. Maybe they are right...or maybe they just don't know how to fix the way you do it here...or maybe they just don't wanna waste time and effort, and replacing it with a new one is the easiest way to solve my problem. They gave me this tracking number and upon checking it, my HDD haven't reach them yet. How come they made an assessment already??? Up to now, I have no answer. I wanna try to fix it but I'm thinking, "what if they're right? they have expert technicians for sure."
  5. there's one in the youtube but not complete yet...i'm also looking for one.
  6. @jhothaqonyaz & phlip_z: thanks so much...now i know, with prolific my pc can now detect the cable as com3...I've been looking for this driver, thanks to you! My problem now is I don't know where the PL2303 is. After stripping both ends, where do you think it is located? I think mine is different from the previous page although we have the same box for dku-5...
  7. I think that this cable is fake or PL2303 is in connector for mobile phone. Windows must recognize USB device when you connect to USB port. Go to shop and ask people to connect cable to computer and show you that windows recognize cable as new device. If PL2303 is in connector for mobie phone you should solder wires to pins of this connector, not to cut cable like in second picture. Thanks philip _z Correct me if I'm wrong, but what I understand from what you have said is that: If PL2303 is in the connector for mobile phone, then windows will not recognize the cable when inserted? If PL2303 is inside the USB connector, then windows will recognize it when inserted? What's happening to me is that windows can recognize but asking for the driver. So when you connect it to the PC, you can see a "?" in device manager under USB serial controller
  8. i think i have the same problem with this guy...the windows cannot recognize this cable even the driver is properly installed already...i'm wondering, is there another version of dku-5 other than this? could anyone help,i'm using the same cable as the above photo... the cable can't be recognize by pc even installing the driver...will this type of dku-5 work? i also found a fake ca-42 with the photo below, i'm just not sure if this will work? ....help!!!
  9. for those using dku-5...please help, i wanna find answers to my question. TIA!
  10. i think i have the same problem with this guy...the windows cannot recognize this cable even the driver is properly installed already...i'm wondering, is there another version of dku-5 other than this?
  11. My hard drive is currently operating. According to my experience. I used: GND: Yes DKU-5: No power required. The PCB from Seagate hard drive, completely separated. at last...direct and informative answers, thanks jhothagondyaz. i really appreciate it.
  12. no one wants to answer my questions.. anyone willing to help???
  13. this is the same dku-5 i have.... will it work? windows can't recognize it even after installing the driver...
  14. questions: 1. will it void the warranty unscrewing and removing the PCB? 1. do i still need power using dku-5?... if i'm going to use 2 AA bats, how can i do the connection with dku-5? 2. head contacts (at the side) or the motor contacts (at the middle) are to be temporarily covered with cardstock? i've seen different versions, i don't know which one to follow tia!
  15. I have a dku-5 arriving later...do i still need power connected to this cable, do i need a ground? how can i connect 2 AA batteries to the cable? why is it that others use cardstock on the head contacts at the side and not on the motor contacts at the middle? thanks.