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  1. They are not simple cables, I opened one up and there is definately a small circuit board with chips. i've ordered a dKU-5 cable this time, hopefully it will work. It seems like there is no sure way to know what you're getting will work. The main chip has this printed on it Atmel AT76C712 58A37-3J 6p0589E 0642 KOREA
  2. I just bought another ca-42 cable, i'm not sure if this one is an original nokia or not. I've tried it on several computers and they are not detecting that a new device has been attached and there is no new devices in device manager. I've tried with and without nokia drivers and the prolific 2032 drivers, the systems I've connected to have been running xp. This is the second cable I've used and its from a totally different source but I am still having the same problem. any ideas? Am i doing something wrong or am i having bad luck with cables? The two CA-42 cables i got have blue connecters, have nokia stamped on them and say NOKIA Type: CA-42 108382646201 MADE IN THAILAND this is very frustrating, and I haven't even hooked up the HDD yet.
  3. It's a real nokia cable, I got it from an authorized retailer in Manhattan and it came in the Noikia retail blister pak. I don't have a multimeter, but if it isn't showing up in windows I can't specify the port or access any of the setting for the com port.
  4. I just bought an original nokia CA-42 cable and my computer is not detecting it at all, I've used the drivers from the nokia website. Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried it in all the available USB ports and I'm getting no reaction from computer, with or without the drivers installed.