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  1. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi Fernando, sorry about my late coment but I was out for the weekend and only now I could get to work with my laptop again. So, I was following your guide but something was wrong and not working and I end up finding what it was... For some funny reason, I was loosing boot on my cd's after using nlite, uninstall, reinstall nlite, slipstream another source and voilá ! Thanks for your help and your great guide. Though the problem was another one , it is good to have help from Those who know. Cheers, Helder Oliveira P.S. About driverpacks, I know the method... but thanks for the point...
  2. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi again, 1- yes, i'm able to boot Vista, "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers"- Intel® ICH9M/M-E Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 2929 "Storage Controllers"- Microsoft iSCSI-Initiator 2- yes 3- with xp cd + DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_901 ( Driverpacks.ne t) *** STOP: 0X0000007B (0XF78DA524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000) - with xp cd + 32bit_Intel_textmode_driver_v8.9.0.1023_WHQL ( from your link ) NO BOOT AT ALL, NEITHER WITH THE FILES FROM "Intel_INF_Drivers_9111014_ready_for_nLite" ( your link ) 4- "Intel_INF_Drivers_9111014_ready_for_nLite" and "32bit_Intel_textmode_driver_v8.9.0.1023_WHQL", both packs in the same cd and/ one at a time - "DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_901" alone, without any other pack on the cd can you guide me somehow ? i have a Quanta board with InsydeH2O Bios vF.12 but, as usual all the usefull options are missing... Thanks by the way, your JMicron drivers link is dead... an unsual question in this kind of forums... are you portuguese?
  3. Integration of Intel's SATA AHCI and RAID drivers

    Hi Fernando, I see that you wre able to help many people here and, i think i need some as well... I recently got my hands on a HP DV7-2045EZ which comes with Vista, all goes ok, the problem is that i really need XP installed for school... I'll be provided with a couple of programs from school and they only support XP... Well, here is the point, i have a couple of XP cd's with Sata drivers and clean copies as well, with one from those cd's i was able to reach the point where xp restarts before setup then, game over... with the drivers you provide here, gives me always a STOP ERROR and Blue Screen or no boot from the cd. but if i put the cd in the dvd-rom it starts i'm using: XP PRO x86 clean copy 32bit_Intel_textmode_driver_v8.9.0.1023_WHQL floppy32 Any idea? any help would be really nice, otherwise i'll have to buy another laptop... Thanks in advance
  4. PowerDVD 8 & 9 Silent install

    Exactly the same problem here (start PDVDLaunchPolicy.exe and PowerDVD9.exe and quits both processes). Can't start it under VMware, but I already install PowerDVD in real machine and it works. Have you tried under VirtualBox? Hi all, I hade the same problem and all i did was change the screen resolution Originaly is 800x600 and and 1024x768 is need to make PowerDVD work. That was it for me...
  5. Hi again. Yes, i do have that line and yes, it it just like that so the bug must come from somewhere else. About the pre-install, I did already a couple of Recovery's and the Office is definitly in those disks. How is it done, I don't know, but the source is the Recovery DVD so, all must be inside. Cheers IcemanZH EDIT: Actualy, I did try with other codes, inclusive your's and they all result the same... But the .MSP works like charm !!!
  6. Hi prathapml. As i was told.... here is the shot from that very last Office2007 install window. As CONFIG.XML, I used the code from MIDIBOY, Post #13 By the way, someone asked here if there would be possible to install silently o2k7 without the Key. Well, I can't answer to that but I have a pair of recovery DVD's from some computers and maybe the answer is inside those, since near all pc's have now pre-installed office for 60 days I'm far from being a geek but if I can help, just guide me through. Thanks for this HOW TO. IcemanZH
  7. Hi prathapml, that is not the window i spoke about... the one i mean is really the very last of the install, where you have the options to "Go online" or "Close" the install. anyway, the MSP method works great, i was just wondering why the other one did not close silently.... Thanks IcemanZH
  8. come on guys, i even asked please... it is just a simple question... maybe the solution is simple as well.... don't tell me that nobody as seen my last post... thanks to anybody IcemanZH
  9. Hi guys, First of all, thanks Prathapml for the step-by-step, tryed both with the same result, f**... GREAT ! But... I've also added it to xp sp3 using the "Option B" ( config.xml ) and after the almost complete unattended install, the last screen still pops up giving the option to go online or close...and i really have to interact to close it. Any solution for this? Forgive me if this has been answered, i've missed it then... Any sugestion or solution would be apreciated, i'm just stuck at that sh** screen... Thanks again and in advance IcemanZH
  10. Hi People !

    Hello All, have been a quiet reader so far but, as always, we all can't resist to a good crew...and here i am. hope to learn a lot and help if i can ! Cheers Icemanzh