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  1. dont wory my frind i will help you....i'm your compatriot (hamvatan) do you have phone no? pm it to me.
  2. I did, and seems that more garbage running line after line and it keeps on refreshing... perhaps, i code the color wrong. was here anyone using generic CA-42 (prolific 2303) can decipher the color code? BLUE - WHITE - BLACK - ORANGE - GREEN - Thanks... my frind do you know and sure which colors are tx or rx did you loopback test?
  3. "GND"of (usb to ttl) to "GND" of hdd usb to ttl(RX) to hdd (TX) usb to ttl(TX) to hdd (RX) usb to ttl(GND) to hdd (GND) that's it.....hope you'll be lucky '
  4. you was right my frind..... i got it and hdd is working now.... you know...that was gnd prob. i realy appreciate. and you my frind joopin...if you want i can help you. i am iranian too
  5. oh,,,,my god. that was a good idea!!!!! thank's a lot
  6. Seems to me like a "ground" problem of some kind (or transmission speed set in Hyperterminal) . jaclaz thank's a lot ....i did it before but nothing change ,same prob
  7. Hi, everybody Before anything, I wanna say thx ,I really appreciate to all of you. However I couldn’t fix my hdd diamondmax 22 yet, but I learned lot about this Issue .I almost read the posts but I have prob . I have a laptop and I used my hdd externally with the “usb to sata” adapter when I Found this prob and I try to solve it….I got trouble .this is my usb to ttl adapter, I did Loopback test (connect tx and rx together) and see everything I typed in HyperTerminal. But when I connect it to hdd and press ctrl+z , I see”-> “or when I changed tx and rx, Some unmeaning symbols are appears of ours I did anything I read in the posts. When I connect the hdd to laptop by usb to sata…,it not work but in device manager I see it(Maxtor stm3500320as….). Is there any idea… Could you help me plz?