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  1. Thanks so much to both of you. I'm thinking if I can find the money I'll just get an external enclosure for my IDE drive. It seems like it will be the most painless route.
  2. Hey everyone. I have purchased and currently waiting on a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 laptop to be shipped to me. It comes with vista, but I am planning on installing XP on it. I'm thinking that maybe there is a way to put the contents of the XP disc on a separate partition over network or maybe take out the hard drive and use my desktop to do it. I could then start the installation with a bootable USB thumbdrive or something? Are there any guides on how to do this? Maybe I could simply stick the hard drive into my desktop and do the whole install on it, install all the lenovo drivers and stick it bac
  3. How would I go about having %programfiles% point to d:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files if windows is installed on C:?
  4. The best codec pack in the world and no one has a silent install for it. It uses the nulsoft installer and I have no clue how to do it silently, heres the site for those who want to get it. http://hellninjacommando.com/defilerpak/ Its much better then unattended Pack, if you ask me. So.. anyone know how to install sliently?
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