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  1. Hello to you all! First,may I say,that I'm very-very gratefull for these forums,especially for this topic; it gave me a chance for saveing my datas stuck on my 'bricked' 1TB Seagaete -.- I will get the stuff,what's needed for the repairs,and I will give a shot at this week; but I will read,read and read as much as I can. I can't take the risk,of loseing my data... But now,I want to ask somathing. I've got another Seagate,an 500GB ST3500320AS. Yet it isn't 'infected' by this nonsense crap of Seagate's clumsyness; I just want to upgrade it's firmware from ST15 (the infected one) to SD1A. I readed about the firmware upgrade,before I was going to start it (and hopefully,I will read after anything,that I'll make with my PC in the future cuz $h1t happens) -and I've founded some interesting thing. Some say,that the firmware upgrade from SD15 to SD1A went smooth,but others say,that this new FW (the SD1A) have had more bugs in itself,than the SD15,and it made there HDD-s imoperable. I'm not sure,that I got it right,cuz some said that Seagate first relased a ->BAD SD1A -and then relased the FIXED SD1A... My question is,that wich FW is downloadable from the Seagate site than? The old buggy,or the 'new and fixed' SD1A? Oh,and btw the Seagate detecting tools say that my ST3500320AS isn't infected,but others say it is,and other sites have written from it too,so I suppose it is. My last Q: (if you say,that there is the new and fixed firmware on seagate's site,I will download it,but) Is it tricky to install it? There are two ways: a command-line type and a software type firmware install variable...so,wich is mine? =) Thank you so much for the posts so far,and I will thank you this too,I you can answer it!!! (sorry for the silly english; I can speak and write it very well,but I may have some difficulites about the right understanding of it =) Cheers from Hungary by Peter