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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the responses. I now 'get it' with regard to the licensing issue... makes a lot of sense. I'm doing out of the box installs at work - I'm really over Ghost - wont work with sata drives well anyway. Management are promising a RIS/WDS solution (I would prefer the solution that www.soesoft.com.au & its RDMC program has as my solution but they wont wear the cost) so I'm left with a stressfull rollout the hard way sadly - crappy career I know. I will have another go at it all this weekend at home to see what I can come up with... I am using a windows xp SP2 cd for my build so maybe if I used sp3? that would fix one aspect of my problem. Thanks for all the web links I will get back to reading them and will definitely post back if i find a solution. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I am currently using Nlite to build a few PCs with at home. I want to be able to slipstream all the drivers for the PC on my desk and create a comprehensive image of it as I have a huge amount of applications and gaming data on it that i dont want to have to re install all the time. But as I also work in SOE area in my work place was wonderng when/if/how it could ever be used commerically? Why is it not licensed for such? Does anyone know if the people who coded this great piece of software are ever intending to put it out there? The reason for my asking is that I have a CIO who is refusing (due to financial constraints) to purchase any other soe deployment software and I could really use this in my work place to build an SOE base image CD with. While I am here can someone please point me to a comprehensive guide for Nlite? I am finding stuff piecemeal all over the forums but nothing definitive. It's really difficult when my knowledge is limited in the subject area. I have also discovered Powerpacker and am finding very little in the way of instructions for its use, the website is incomplete and was also wondering if anyone has a guide for its use as well please? One problem I have encountered is the plugin.ocx missing error after I have created a slipstreamed CD/DVD with Nlite. I pressed ESC and the OS appeared to install ok. Except what I have noticed is that much of the tweaking done with Nlite has not worked. Upon doing a search to see who else has had the same problem I encountered a few entries but none of the solutions make sense to me. I'm beginning to guess I'm in over my head and floundering. About to give up on Nlite and do a manual build and use Acronis to make an image for safekeeping. If anyone can assist I would be most grateful. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Great forums. But I'm having huge problems trying to produce a bootable image slipstreamed with SATA drivers... it all works up until the same point above. ' Also using Powerpacker to include the drivers for my HP DC7900 PC but I cannot find good guides on using either Nlite or powerpacker that explain exactly what to do in a step by step manner. Can someone please post me a URL that works. I am new to all of this and a lot of it is waaayy over my head but I'm learning. thanks,
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