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  1. Gday mate ..it appears that you did not lift the pcb board off of the PCB that touch the hdd motor contacts ok im not an expert but i seem to remember that this was the error you would get under normal operation in hyperterminal... undo all the screws on your circuit board(PCB) on the hdd so that they are only just holding on the PCB then slide a piece of paper under the PCB where the contacts are for the hdd motor (in the centre of the hdd) then screw them back down this should rectify your problem .. read other threads in here and click their links to photos and other useful bits of info to give yourself a better understanding of what is being done, if your english is bad have a friend help u with translation .... follow Gradius2 instructions to the letter regards chris
  2. hi there i have just completed this process tonight ... a few things noted... 1. triple check all wires 2. use the paper under pcb trick (less risk) 3. copy and paste commands from Gradius2 post 4. DONT be impatient if things go slower, wait for it 5. back-up immediatly after recovery I too had extremely valuable data ... u could literally hear my balls rattling this drive went down almost as soon as it filled I used a usb RS232 to TTL adapter if your connected to the net it auto updates and installs the hardware
  3. yes me too did u manage to rectify this problem? regards chris Ok i have completed my firmware update and recovered a full 1tb healthy.. this screens is produced because you (like me) did not plug the sata power cord to the pcb board...ok like der .. gradius2 does mention it... now the only othr confusing thing was the power OFF/ON drive after S.M.A.R.T erase ..all i did was unplug sata power to pcb wait a littl over 10 seconds then reconnect it whilst pc is on ..continue with instructions from press ctrl+z.... i also would like to mention i did not do the g-list bit .. this code did take a great deal longer to show up however..like 20-25 mins---> Max Wr Retries = 00, Max Rd Retries = 00, Max ECC T-Level = 14, Max Certify Rewrite Retries = 00C8 User Partition Format 10% complete, Zone 00, Pass 00, LBA 00004339, ErrCode 00000080, Elapsed Time 0 mins 05 secs User Partition Format Successful - Elapsed Time 0 mins 05 secs After this msg i restarted pc and disconnected all other drives and updated firmware Although i am a complete novice , i was able to complete this tutorial... Cheers Gradius2 you are epic lifesaver as i was seriously not prepared to send anything back to seagate without at least trying this even though it is still under warranty...now where's that othr 1tb drive ..send this heap of ^%$@ back
  4. yes me too did u manage to rectify this problem? regards chris
  5. :wacko:Hey there im currently experiencing a drive not showing up its a 7200.11 breed as well, i have wired it up like so but i only get a > when i press ctrl-z nothing else if i flip the rx-tx , hyperterminal is non responsive...any ideas .. cheers ps im using hyperterminal private edition 5 does that make any difference.. also i checked if is definatly correct com i have double checked all wires