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  1. I inserted a DVD in the DVD ROM drive on a HP Proliant server and the machine stopped responding. Even couldn't take the DVD out of the drive. Didn't respond to eject button. I had to turn it off to shutdowon and managed to take the disk out while boot up sequence. The event viewer shows "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom0" error. This same DVD drive was used to install many softwares last year. I tried the same DVD in another DVD drive on another similar HP proliant server and didn't have any problem on that machine. Any idea what is wrong with this particular machine/ DVD drive now! Thanks
  2. I found the problem. It was the wrong network driver. W2K3 installation by default installed that driver. I updated with the lates available form the HP's website,and set duplex-spped to 100mb full. That fixed it.
  3. I have Win 2000 professional on one machine and recently installed W2K3 SP2 on another machine. I was trying to copy few files/folders from W2K3 SP2 machine to a Win 2000 Professional machine. The copying process was terribly slow. Didn't complete in 1 hr. So I cancelled it. A folder of same size could be copied from Win 2000 machine to W2K3 machine within few minutes. I have W2K3 (NO SP2) on another machine. So I tested the file trasfer beween windows 2000 and the Win 2K3 machine. Didn't faced any problem. What's wrong with the SP2 OS? Thanks

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