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  1. Hi W3bbo! I'd like to see regedit.exe main icon fixed :).

    Also +1 for making separate forum for Sevenize.

    P.S. If you'll need Russian translation for Sevenize just let me know :).

  2. I agree that all 'glassy' buttons should be placed elsewhere, not in main resource patch, since they are kinda out of standard cartoon style. And that blue line was already placed in 'Branding' node in my Release 6b fan package. Perhaps I need to move these buttons to another node in my package too :).

  3. As far as I know this will not work, only 640x480 images may be used here. Maybe it is possible to change aspect by using some settings in the notebook (e.g. aspect on monitor sometimes could be changed via monitor settings, so laptop could have some hotkeys to change aspect of image when in low resolution).

  4. Ok, so change of subject. I fiddled around. Is there a particular file or files I need to do alter or mess with that will allow me to change that Box that appears when you're going to log off or Shut Down? I'd like to change it to one of the other themes the installer includes. Also, is it possible to change it from the installer without altering any other elements?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Logoff and Shutdown screens were made selectable in my xpize 5 Release 6b. Just grab the installer from here, run it, switch to Advanced mode, carefully unselect everything (please note that some child nodes remain selected when parent node is unselected), and select shutdown screen in the theme you want. Good luck!

  5. Hello again.. it's Already done and posted.. just search for 32-bit icon patch for regedit... in XPize subforum..

    I've seen that, but I'm not sure this could be done through xpize patcher, hence I've asked :). Also... I'm not comfortable with reshacker and other such programs. Could someone upload patched Regedit and Taskmgr with 32 bit patched and with resources replaced (with xpize-style icons) please? :blushing:

  6. Hi W3bbo! Great news :thumbup !

    It would be nice to gather all suggestions here in one place so everyone can check if his/her suggestion is heard :).

    My suggestion is to fix XML parsing, so package authors can use "name" attribute (currently these attributes only used in 'group' tag, en forcing package authors surround each package element in group tag to add convenient name to it). Also there are problems with switching from Simple view to Advanced - several elements remain selected and user should browse all tree to verify that nothing unnecessary is checked. All developer tools are pretty much in alpha stage :(, it is VERY difficult to create a package, a lot of problems are there. Had a lot of suggestions after creating 5r6b, but don't remember all them, will add when recall them :).

  7. hi Hell Racer! just wanted to report that all FileSavr links are broken. found one though using windows live link & downloaded it. this is the same with the 1 saved in filesavr, isn't it? thanks!
    Yes, it's the same file.
  8. You could just run R6 installer, proceed to the step where it extracts LZMA, stop there, and then look for Anolis temp files in the TEMP folder. Overall process of creating a package is very complicated :(. I've spent a lot of time on each step before I understood how to do it right.

  9. As far as I remember, this problem is fixed in my fan package, which is available here. You could try to install only that welcome screen to keep other changes (уou'll have to unselect MCE Welcome screen manually, because it's stays selected after switching to Advanced mode).

  10. Okay, as a proof of my "this is relatively simple" theory I've created a simple vbs script that patches an msc file with icon binary data provided as a separate text file.

    Here's the code:

    Const mscFileSource = "gpedit.msc"
    Const mscFileTarget = "gpeditPatched.msc"
    Const largeIco = "large.txt"
    Const smallIco = "small.txt"

    Dim xml: Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM"): xml.Load(mscFileSource)
    Dim nodesLarge: Set nodesLarge = xml.selectNodes("MMC_ConsoleFile/BinaryStorage/Binary[@Name='CONSOLE_FILE_ICON_LARGE']")
    Dim nodesSmall: Set nodesSmall = xml.selectNodes("MMC_ConsoleFile/BinaryStorage/Binary[@Name='CONSOLE_FILE_ICON_SMALL']")

    Dim fso: Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    If nodesLarge.length > 0 Then
    Dim icoFileLarge: Set icoFileLarge = fso.OpenTextFile(largeIco)
    Dim icoTextLarge: icoTextLarge = icoFileLarge.ReadAll
    nodesLarge(0).text = icoTextLarge
    End If

    If nodesLarge.length > 0 Then
    Dim icoFileSmall: Set icoFileSmall = fso.OpenTextFile(smallIco)
    Dim icoTextSmall: icoTextSmall = icoFileSmall.ReadAll
    nodesSmall(0).text = icoTextSmall
    End If


    Please see all 4 files (unpatched msc file, large icon text file, small icon text file and this script) in an archive attached.

    You can try it by unpacking the archive and double-clicking PatchMsc.vbs file.

    I think this code will be even simpler in .NET.


  11. I think this feature is relatively simple to implement.

    It isn't, trust me.

    How could it be? :) Just open XML file, replace some text in two nodes and save it? You can place icon binary data as a text file to simplify the process (so you don't have to convert icon data to text which could be complicated).

  12. From the package point of view it is not possible to add msc file patching because current patching algorithms don't support them, but it may be possible to include whole patched msc files into the package, hopefully installer could replace them in the Windows\System32 folder (though I don't know how they will work on non-english systems).

  13. Hm... Looks like is possible to patch this standard console. I've tried VistaPack XP, which uses almost the same patching method (btw, it patches almost 2 times more icons and bitmaps, I think this is because it patches XP-looking icons too to make them Vista-looking). Here's how this console looks like:


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