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  1. WIninstall LE and Shortcuts

    I am using Wininstall LE to create an MSI file to deploy an application to a large number of users. I use the discover tool and create a before snapshot, then I install the application and create the after snapshot. Once that is done I go into the WIninstall LE software and do a compress on the package to make it an installer. After the compress i recieve the following warning... "warning: this package contains one or more shortcuts destined for common folders - consider installing per-machine or using the allusers property." the package works in the fact that it installs the application and I can run it if i launch the .exe file in the program files/app folder However it does not create a shortcut in all users. Even though the shortcut is in all uses after the application is installed and during the after snapshot. Any thoughts on what I can do to get the installer to place the shortcut so it is usable... Additionally, even though I select install for everyone, the application does not show up in the programs lnstalled using the new pckage. Any assistance would be appreciated..
  2. I am trying to create MSI's to deploy a couple of different applications. One of the applications is UltraEdit by IDM Software. I have a fresh Windows XP Pro machine. I run the discover on the XP Pro machine, it seems to run properly, I then get prompted to select the executable. I cancel at this point because ultraedit uses an MSI already. The reason I need to create an MSI is because I want my registration information included in the MSI. I then run the MSI Manually and install the program. I add in all of the registration information. I then run the discover again and perform the after snapshop. it appears to work properly, and I get a confirmation that the MSI is created. It creates it in the \\%Machine name%\wininstall\packages share. If i run the .MSI file from the share it runs and installs without a problem. However if i copy the .msi file out of the share to install on another machine that does not have access to the share it give me an error that it cannot find a file. It appears that the.MSI is actually pointing to the files in the wininstall\packages share and not contained in the MSI itself. Can somebody help and tell me what I am doing wrong? I thought at first it might be because i was using an MSI to install the program so I downloaded adobe acrobat reader and tried that since it installs using an .exe . I have the same problem with it not including all files in the Path. Thank you for your assistance ahead of time.