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  1. Hi evandrotex my assigned port in device manager was 4, and it showed in Hyperterminal when trying to connect. I tried changing it to 2 in device manager, but still got the "cant open COM2" message when trying to connect. Then I thought I'd try Teraterm, like you did, and to my amazement, I got a connection, and the loopback test works ( DKU-5 cable). Thanks a million for that, you got me past first base. Now I can try the real tricky stuff. Cheers
  2. Do a loopback test, see here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...8807&st=384 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...807&st=1194 jaclaz Hi I can't even get to the loopback test stage, because I haven't been able to get Hyperterminal to make a connection to my Virtual Serial Port. When I try to connect, I just end up with "can't open COM port" message I've got a CA-42 cable and a DKU-5 (generic from ebay both Prolific) and have tried the drivers that came with the cable, and all the drivers for those cables that others have linked to on this forum. I've tried all the USB ports on two different PCs. It all looks good in Device Manager with the cable recognised, and the VCP assigned, but I just can't seem to connect to it. I've tried the COM port settings advised here in both Device manager properties and in Hyperterminal when I try to connect, and I've tried all other combinations of port settings, but I still and up with the "can't open COM port" Message. Same thing even with a Nokia phone connected. I've even tried setting serial to auto in Super I/O in BIOS, but still no joy. I've ordered a CP2102 USB to TTL adaptor on ebay now, but I've got a horrible feeling that I may get the same thing with that. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated
  3. Hi folks I'm new to this forum and have registered because my Seagate 720 II 500gb has suddenly dissapeared, along with all my videos, and no longer shows up in bios. until that happened, i didn't even Know that there was a problem with them. there is another one in the same HTPC that has the Windows XP Pro operating system on it and fortunately that one is still working. I don't really want to RMA it and loose all of my recordings, so after having a bit of a browse on this forum, I decided to try and recover it I bought a CA-42 cable from ebay, and a set of mini torx. I got an old CDRom audio cable and squashed the ends a bit so that they fit on the RX & TX HD jumpers snugly. I put a little bit of clear blister pack plastic between them so that they can't touch each other. I loosened the T6 screws on the HD PCB and slipped a bit of blister pack plastic between the 3 contacts that join the PCB to the motor. I installed the drivers for the CA-42 cable that came on a CD with it. It is by prolific, and it shows up in device manager on COM3. I have set it to 38400 8 none 1 none. The cable ID's as USB\VID_067B&PID_2303\5&3A670850&0&2 I thought I was doing well up to now, then I cocked up removing the Nokia pop-port plug from the end of the cable, and lost the pin out positions. I have ended up with 5 wires, black, white, orange, blue and green, and I don't know what they are. I found a pin out for nokia pop-port on a russian pin out site, and it seems that pins 6 & 7 are RX and TX, but that doesn't help me much as I lost the positions they were connected to. I thought testing the DC voltage between pairs of wires might shed some light on it, but the only readings I am getting is 003 millivolts between the black & the Green and the same voltage between the orange and the green. (cable plugged in to USB port on PC). It seems black and orange are negative and green is positive. I thought I'd try hyperterminal first without the cable connected to the HD, as I had read that you could tell somehow what was RX and TX by looping them in a hyperterminal session. With hyper terminal set to COM3 and 38400 8 none 1 none all I get is a "can't open COM port message" . Same thing with none of the wires looped, or with them looped in any combination. I thought I'd try with different pairs of wires connected to my HD RX & TX ( didn't think 003mv would do any damage). Each try I connected the SATA power cable from the PC to the HD, and I got the same message in hyperterminal exept if I connect blue & green to RX & TX (either way round) in which case hyperterminal gives me a connection. Then if I type ctrl+Z (should that be ctrl+shift+z for upper case Z ? and should I press enter?)I get nothing but a flashing cursor. I tried it all ways and still just the flashing cursor, unless I put echo on, then I get little arrow. I tried a different USB port COM 2 and got all the same results. Any suggestions would be welcome. Is my CA-42 cable stuffed? Is there any way of testing it? Is there a definite way of determining which wires are RX & TX? should I be connecting a third grnd wire? should I be able to get a hyperterminal connection without the CA-42 being connected to the HD? Sorry to have so many questions cheers