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  1. hello i am hakeem786 iam a guy i like to create multiboot dvd's and slipstream latest servicepacks my upcoming project is to create xp sp4 !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i went to the xpcreate website but the website was not up.so anybody having the software?
  3. i have seen a screenshot of windows xp installation disc"setup.exe"(at the root of the cd)being modified.anyone knows how to modify it.
  4. hakeem786

    help please

    download the latest version of nlite and slipstream with your original copy. the key should work.
  5. i dont think you should upgrade because windows has not released the final version so i think you should wait until then
  6. i have seen setup.exe in windows xp installation disc modified in a forum but i dont know how to modify it?
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