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  1. ok, so.. when I rebooted my comp, the default is 2003 as i wanted. But now a new problem. any time when word is open, my comp is sluggish. when i drag an open folder window around, it moves in clicks.(not smoothly like when word is not open) how do i remove all the modification to the registry except the default open settings? I still want the deafult open to be office 2003. i want to get rid of other registries. Do you have a code for doing that? Thanks so much.
  2. I also tried this on my windows vista 64 bit machine and nothing happend. it will pop up the cmd window but no changes are made. also on 64 bit os, there are 2 program files folders. program files and then program files(x86)
  3. When i try to run it as admin, little popup windows show up. it says on the title bar, "microsoft excel" And the message says, one of your object libraries(stdole32.tlb) is missing or damaged. please run setup to install it. Then it runs the setup a few times. then microsoft access starts. if i close the access, then setup runs again. then the cmd windows stops. Then if i right click on an office file, it has the open with, but only one version of the office. my default is 2003. it also has open office options because I have it installed, but not office 2007. C:\Windows\system32>Rem -- Reenable Excel, Access, PowerPoint 2003: C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Excel.exe" /regs erver C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\PowerPnt.exe" /r egserver C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSAccess.exe" /r egserver C:\Windows\system32>Rem -- Setup Right-click menu for 2003 & 2007 choices C:\Windows\system32>RegEdit /s C:\Program Files\TweakMSO.reg C:\Windows\system32>Rem -- Stop MS-Word from re-registering C:\Windows\system32>RegEdit /s C:\Program Files\NoRereg.reg C:\Windows\system32>Rem -- Return Microsoft Word default to Office-2003! C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WinWord.exe" /r C:\Windows\system32>pause Press any key to continue . . .
  4. Thank you very much for making this. But when I tried it, it brought up a setup window and did something... But still no Shell menu with "open with 2003 or 2007" Not sure what I did wrong. I put all the files in the folder you specified. And clocked on install.cmd file. I only have one user account on my computer. Windows vista 32 bit. home basic edition.
  5. Is there a way to do this all at once for all office applications? Currently office 2003 is my default, but I like the idea of having context menu allowing me to choose office 2007 when I need. Except I'm not sure where all these regedit keys are supposed to go. And having to add them individually seems a bit too much work. if there is a way to do this for all the office application, that will be great. Thanks for any info.

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