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  1. Seagate 7200.12: any issues?

    hey there..... i think u got me wrong...... actually, i USED to have the 7200.11 drives. I had the same BSY problem as the rest of the world and i hav manage to fix it. now, i bought more seagate drives which are from the 7200.12 family. and that's where all the problem's coming from. I havent do anything to this new 7200.12 drive yet as i do not know whether i can use the same way as 7200.11.
  2. hey guys...just to let u guys noe, i have successfully recovered my data by following this method here. Much thanks to those who contributed here. On the other hand, i'm now having another big problem. I bought the new 7200.12 versions and i am now having problems again. Just wondering if anyone of u guys can help me HERE Thanks.
  3. Seagate 7200.12: any issues?

    hey guys.....upgraded frm the 7200.11 version after successfully reviving it. Now i'm on the newer 7200.12 version. S/N : 5VM0SV16 Model: ST3500418AS Firmware: CC34 The problem now is, it is able to be detected in BIOS. I'm using this as a secondary drive, so i can boot my OS. The only problem is, when i open My computer, it hangs and i can see that the hdd light is busy. Tried on external casing, same problem. "My Computer" hangs until i pull out the ext casing then only it'll recover. Tried on Linux. Same problem, still cant open the partition. I hope i can get some help from here. I have all the tools that is required to solve the problem encountered by 7200.11 series as i have done it before. Just wondering can i use the same way but just with different codes? I really appreciate your help. I have really important, personal, financial, company and family data. Pleaasssseeeeeee help me. :blushing: Thanks a lot.