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  1. hi thanx for the reply. SNMsynth got it working for me...
  2. hi jaynbe, Thanx a lot. I had prob creating addon for nlite using sfx maker. It pops up wit error. In the end i found a addon pack http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5657 here. May be the installer i had was 231mb that includes both 64x and 86x. It seems 2 create trouble i guess With the help of the above pack. It seems fine. Thanx a lot for guiding.
  3. Well i have a soft copy of the same. But dot net frame work is not mentioned. Is there any tools that i can use to make addon. Thanxxxx
  4. Manual installation was done without the help of switch. Is there any other software which i can use for the same. Thanx a lot.
  5. Hi, Evn that is of no gud 2 me. sme error msg. When i install it manually no lang pack is displayed. It install by default in english. I get a error which says "Error allocating memory" Screen shot attached in my previous post. Thanx for all the suggestion
  6. Hi n thanx cluberti, I wil try tat. I had used \q\norestart Now i will try this way Thanx a lot
  7. Hi hollow, I am a finding error. I use SFX maker. Thrice i was unsucessful. Is there any other software i can use for the sme other than virtualtek add on maker Plz guide.
  8. Hey thanx bro...... I got it...... I will try n let u knw if i cud do it successfully. Thanx a ton
  9. Thanx for your help....... but is it \Q\ NORESTART or it shd b \q\norestart
  10. Hi all, Can some one help me intergrate dot net3.5 sp1 into my windows setup. Is it possible to create addon and intergrate using nlite. If so what should be the silent switch. Any suggestions wud b of grt help Thanx all
  11. Thanx a lot it worked fine. It can be of grt help if u can help me to intergate dot.net 3.5sp1 to my unattended windows xp set up. Thanx a lot once again.
  12. Hi all, Hw can i create a silent installer for silverlight 3. And how do i convert msp(windows installer patch) to exe or msi. Any suggestions would be of grt help. Thanx
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