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  1. Another failed Seagate drive (500Gb): Number:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:(manufac. date):SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of User:fail reason/fine:OS:PSU 126:9QM6****:STM3500320AS:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:N/A:2008-XX-XX:2009-04-17:Retail:MikeR:UK:Not detected in BIOS:Windows Vista Business 32bit:N/A. Slightly off topic: Had a replacement drive which is an ST3500820AS model with firmware SD25 and so far it is working but given draeke's problems - post number 215, sorry to hear of your troubles draeke - it appears as though this one could also go. Yet according to the Seagate firmware page this drive is not affected. Has anyone applied the firmware update to an ST3500820AS drive with firmware SD25?

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