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  1. Not sure if this is ok to be posted here but still is an experience with a 7200.11 hard drive. I posted earlier on this topic to report my and one fo my friend faulty Seagate drives.. well, before finding out about a user who could help me (and for free) replacing the firmware on my faulty drive I had sent the drive for evaluating the damage to i365 and here is how it went... (pasting what i posted on Seagate official forum): I want to express my disappointment and share the story happened to me. I contacted i365 and they sent me the day after a TNT Express and I gave them the package with my drive securely packed. (this was edited on seagate forum and the name of i365 was removed so I guess they don't want to advertise how bad the service they offered to me went) And then you know what? the pack disappeared. I spent an hour at the phone with the TNT customer service in italy and a good 20 minute with the support of i365 in Holland that is the European HQ for recovery solutions. And all I could get is a "sorry your pack was lost, we do apologize both from TNT and from i365". To the heck with that! Who's going to give me back my memories? My poetry written in many years, my work folder with some previous job i have no backup of (which ok is my fault but still!) and generally all the rest of the data?. I could never imagine they would lost my drive! I sent it to get my data back and now I don't even have a chance of trying to. Ironically enough I found some days after sending out the drive a guy in my city who fixed already a 7200.11 failed with the procedure of replacing the firmware with some weird technique (that works!). So after explaining my story the point is: how do I report my stolen drive to Seagate so that if the thief tries to replace it (is a BROKEN hd) won't get a new drive easily?? Is there a way to contact Seagate and advise them of this situation? I will post here the details of the drive anyway, even if I am not sure it is of any use: Barracuda 7200.11 S/N:5QM0PRYZ ST3500820AS P/N: 9BX134-505 Firmware: SD25 Datecode: 08312 It was purchased sometimes last year before summer and was into a iomega external case. I do have proof of purchase and all if that is needed. I am just astonished and very sad for the happened. I wish there was something more i could do but apparently I will only regret the choice of sending it out to a recovery company and even more sorry to have bought this drive in the first place. I only had troubles with Maxtor and Segate so far and I won't ever have one of their drives I guess. So what do you people think? is there a way to report a stolen hard drive to seagate? in case somebody sends it over i may recover it!
  2. jaclaz, i see u are from italy, how about i send u the drive, the tools and a little amount for the disturb and you fix it for me ? it seems quite complicate from what my abilities are, really! if itnerested write me in pm or at draeke at gmail dot com. regards! Federico PS: io sono di milano
  3. how about that? how can i fix a seagate myself for less than 30 eur ? a friend of mine has this: Barracuda 7200.11 S/N:9QM298VS ST3500820AS P/N: 9BX134-505 Firmware: SD25 Datecode: 08384 and she bought it like december, it failed 2 weeks ago and she's desperate as she has a project for her final college thesis to recover, so i am looking around everywhere to find a way so that she can recover the data, kinda urgent. and that's one drive to add to the list. THEN i ALSO have a drive that failed.. i bought it like early 2008 or even late 2007 cant remember and in november 2008 it failed, with a slightly different error, not the usual 0 byte but: it spins, i can see some of the folders and all is extremely slow, i can see some of the data on the drive but can't read any file. if i try it says that the drive has I/O errors and similar. and when i click on certain folders it says the drive has to be formatted, overall the access time is incredibly slow but it spins correctly when turned on. I guess it can be the result of some plugging off without properly disconnecting the unit from windows, as it failed after I did such a thing repeatedly. anyway my drive is: Barracuda 7200.11 S/N:5QM0PRYZ ST3500820AS P/N: 9BX134-505 Firmware: SD25 Datecode: 08312 as u can see the production date and s/n is like "earlier" than the drive my friend bought. so u can add 2 models from Italy, Milan, that have failed. I am sure my problem is related to firmware too as i always unplugged external hard drives without disconnecting them in windows like for years and no drive has ever failed. this is the first time. and how can i fix my drive now? i also have some important data to recover. cheers PS: both drives are 500 GB Number:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:(manufac. date):SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of User:fail reason/fine:OS:PSU my friend: 1XX:9QM298VS:ST3500820AS:9BX134-505:SD25:08384:2008-XX-XX:2009-05-01:OEM:N/A:ITALY:NOT SEEN:XP32 mine: 1XX:5QM0PRYZ:ST3500820AS:9BX134-505:SD25:08312:2007-12-XX:2008-11-XX:OEM:DRAEKE:ITALY:CAN'T READ DATA NO MORE BUT HD DETECTED:XP32

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