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  1. Hi CarterInCanada. Your site is good, helped me a lot. I think most people have problems because they do not exacty follow the procedure.You must realise that a computer cannot think or guess what you want from it.It's build from usual electronic components, like all other pieces of electronic equipment.So you need some experience with other electronics especially to connect the TTL adapter. You must understand what you are doing. I must say after all this that I will probably never buy a Seagate drive again.This is not only because of this case, but also from other experience.I had already one another seagate drive and after some time it began to make some strange noises.Smart indicated it was short of failing.I use it as backup drive now.Then I've got a Maxtor drive wich is working flowlesly until now.So with this good experience I purchased also my next Maxtor drive, but at this time Maxtor was already sold to seegate and it was in reality a Seagate drive.And it was again not good.This is already my second bad drive and it's again Seagate.Next time I will try Western Digital.
  2. That was wrong. You should give only one "F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22" command after "F3 1>N1" and don't need to decconect HDD. F3 1>N1 Disconnected hdd an reconnected (some people say it's needed, but this is not needed, anyway I did not disconect my drive) F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 (enter) qps maybe you can restore your data, but you need good software for this. For instance "Active Partition Recovery"
  3. To kazamazax@gmail.com Obviosly something is wrong either with your adapter or with the hyperterminal. Have you connected a wire to GND pin also? You must connect three wires to your drive.TX, RX and GND. Look here for more details about this:Website I guess your data is lost. Yes, if you make anything correct it will only unlock your drive.
  4. Well, this is the question.I don't know if there will be some longterm stability problems after this.Maybe it's better to copy all data to another drive then do a low level format and throw it out of the window after this.May be it hits a seegate man like a brick and he will think next time.
  5. No, it will not delete your data.It will only unlock your drive.
  6. Hallo! I just wanted to tell you my experience.I've got the Maxtor stm3500320as drive and one day my computer just did not recognise it in BIOS.It was still on garantee, but I had some sensible data on it.So I was really unhappy about this and did not know what to do. Luckly for me I found this forum and I tried this recovery method. This is exactly what I did: I successfully unlocked my drive. I can confirm that this method works. Now some people say that their computers can not boot from drives.This is because of a virus.It sits in the SMOS on the mainboard.If you have this problem you must clear the SMOS and it will die.Look in the manual for your mainboard how to do this.

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