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  1. im guessing it would turn every bittorrent client into a tracker of sorts... hell that wouldnt go too nicely with the MPAA
  2. That is not true, I was able to run Norton Antivirus 2002 on it... Long time ago even, first alpha if I am not wrong. thats cuz norton believed that longhorn was XP... infact it was. the first alpha was still called XP in every sense
  3. Ive actually changed where Im going with it. Im working on a primitive clutter-free server OS using windows PE. Ive been successful in some aspects.
  4. I care, because it is the only build stable enough to work on for such a project.
  5. Ive started a new project (flexbeta and OSBA members already know about it) involving longhorn build 3718. I tried using bartPE, with some very unsettling bugs. I managed to get winPE working (from build 4051). anyways, how can I make winPE a basis for a 3718 live! disk? Any help would be appreciated. This is the ONLY roadblock facing me.

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