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  1. I'd install 2000 immediately if there was Cleartype for it or WildBill's Smoothtext ran stable.
  2. Heya! I've just installed the 185.85 Forceware Driver from Nvidia's homepage. The driver itself runs just fine, but I cant access the control panel. First, I was missing some .dll, so I got it from the net and copied it into system32. Now, its just loading when I Click the shortcut but does nothing. Is this a known problem with 2k and newer drivers or whats going on?
  3. Heya fellas! First, Wildbill, I want you to know how much I appreciate your work on this one. I've always wanted to keep using windows 2000, but the ugly fonts on LCD screens prevented me from doing so. Then I found this program! But.. I can't get it to work on win2000 sp4. Whenever I start it, my desktop icons disappear and the desktop itself stops responding to clicks. However, I can click the start button, but it just stays pressed and nothing happens. The explorer.exe keeps running though. There's an error message saying something about a memory leak in hook.dll I think. I can't tell exactly, must check tomorrow. //edit: Here's some error messages I found in the log files: [ 0,031] [116, 980] - Caught exception in PostObjectMessage: assembling named object list, Message = BehaviorWndProcRet, SendCount = 82 [ 0,188] [768, 904] - Caught exception in PostSingleObjectMessage: finding named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, Message = DrawRedirectReleaseDC, SendCount = 1905 [ 0,188] [768, 904] - Could not send message DrawRedirectReleaseDC to named object Behavior,DrawRedirectBehavior, SendCount = 1944, NamedObject = $00000000, Active = False, AcceptsMessages = False I've attached the errog log file concering the memory leaks. Hope that helps! cya TextHook_MemoryManager_EventLog.txt
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