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  1. it worked flawless with Office XP thanks a bunch i trimmed 650MB to about 135MB thats hell of a lot i also reinstalled office after i removed it, no errors im about to try publisher right now
  2. Since Acrobat Reader is packaged in a self extractable .exe file, the installation takes quite a long time to start up.... I suggest that you only use the files inside, as it will really speed things up. However, the files arent easily extractable (using WinRAR or something wont work), but the files are still stored in your windows directory. So, what i did was delete any folders regarding acrobat reader in C:\Windows\Cache, then I ran the selfextractable, and once it finished, i found the installshield files in C:\Windows\Cache\Acrobat Reader 6.0.1.\ENUBIG\. It really really speeds things up, and i hope this helps. The silent install command is: setup.exe /s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress" Edit: you can find the 6.0.2 update MSI file in C:\Program Files\Adobe\{insert random numbers here} its silent install command is: acrobat602u.msi /quiet /norestart i renamed the file because it was pretty long lol note: if you are going to install windows journal viewer, then i suggest doing it before acrobat reader or else it will nag you for ages (it did to me) so, the order should be: journal viewer acrobat reader reader 6.0.2 update (since its full version isnt released)