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  1. You don't need a phone at the other end, just plug the cable into your PC, Windows will detect new hardware automatically and ask for driver.
  2. I soldered thicker wires (the yellow bits in the picture, wrapped with electrical tape) to the end of the thin wires, they can then plug into the GND/RX/TX pins, everything is insulated and works nicely.
  3. Thanks guys and gals! CA-42 cable works a treat! Edit: to be more specific, the cable I used is actually a DKU-5, I was told it is functionally the same as CA-42. The main difference is that CA-42 has 5 wires, where DKU-5 only has 3 and they are GND, RX, TX. Not sure what the extra 2 wires in CA-42 are for, but it doesn't matter in this case.
  4. Picked up a CA-42 cable from an ebay seller, it comes with a CD, is it necessary to install any drivers from the CD? Also, is it necessary to turn on the computer? Or just plug the power connector into the drive without switching on the PC? Many thanks!
  5. Very informative, good stuff! A couple of questions about the CA-42 cable (apologies if they have already been answered): - does it have to be a genuine Nokia cable, would a generic cable work? - power will come from the USB port hence no need to hook up a battery, correct? I'm still not quite sure how to affix the RX/TX wires to the pins on the HD (other than soldering), is there a standard 4-pin header that can just plug into it (what is it called)? TIA.