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  1. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Hi I can't even get to the loopback test stage, because I haven't been able to get Hyperterminal to make a connection to my Virtual Serial Port. When I try to connect, I just end up with "can't open COM port" message I've got a CA-42 cable and a DKU-5 (generic from ebay both Prolific) and have tried the drivers that came with the cable, and all the drivers for those cables that others have linked to on this forum. I've tried all the USB ports on two different PCs. It all looks good in Device Manager with the cable recognised, and the VCP assigned, but I just can't seem to connect to it. I've tried the COM port settings advised here in both Device manager properties and in Hyperterminal when I try to connect, and I've tried all other combinations of port settings, but I still and up with the "can't open COM port" Message. Same thing even with a Nokia phone connected. I've even tried setting serial to auto in Super I/O in BIOS, but still no joy. I've ordered a CP2102 USB to TTL adaptor on ebay now, but I've got a horrible feeling that I may get the same thing with that. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated Set the com port number manually. When I installed the cable driver, assigns the COM to 6, but only 1 to 4 was showed in teraterm (program that I used). When I set the number of com to 4 in device manager, connected fine.
  2. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    YA-TA!!! After a short period of 9 hours could get my data back! Well guys, I have a Maxtor 500GB disk with the firmware mx15 and BSY error. I would like to share my experience. Since May 18, could not communicate with the hd. I used the ca-42 nokia cable (generic), power was supllied by the computer´s source. As seen in previous posts, the main problems were a lack of energy or bad contact. In my case, was sure that the contacts were ok, cause the loopback test works. I have changed the program (used putty instead teraterm), changed the usb port and pressed ctrl+z so many times that the computer restarted. I was almost giving up. :realmad: I was desperated. I dont know if its a "timing" thing to press ctrl+z or the power thing. Pressing ctrl+z, wait, pressing ctrl+z wait, restart the program and again... pressing ctrl+z... And suddenly the F3 appears. I almost cried. Thus, following Gradius method, I only isolated motor terminals. I followed the procedure of post 101, (does not show that the g-list part is optional) and did all steps. When I did the power off - wait 10 seconds - power on, I lost communication and had to try again for another half hour, closing and opening the program and time or another powering the hd off. When I put the last command (m0, 2,2 ,,,,, 22) I was waiting for 3 hours! Smoke a few cigarettes, and nothing happens ... I decided, despite the warnings, and having seen other people had passed by the same issue, turn off and try again. Wondering if I had luck and just missed the confirmation message, plug the sata data cable, disconnect the cable from the phone and turn on the computer. It was there (in the BIOS) but with 0 Bites. Then, after 1 more hour trying to connect using the above method (close and open the terminal program) and with the pcb totally screwed, only ran the last command again, but this time for the LBA 0 (as in the Aviko´s post). And here I am with all data intact. Files and partitions ok. So did the backup to another HD and upgraded the firmware without problems. Thanks Gradius, Aviko, Google, MSFN forums and all the people here that helped us! Once more, sorry for my english, but I am very happy and want to tell everybody: Don´t give up!
  3. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Hi guys, i tried with ca-42 cable. The cable is ok, i did the loopback test, but nothing happens when i connect to hd. No errors on hyperterminal and no communication. Any ideas? Sorry for possible errors. My English is not so good.