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  1. Here comes another failed drive from Seagate... I'm not quite sure for the exact date, but I purchased it sometime around New Year's 2009. It died today, while I was at work. BIOS won't recognize the drive, and I tried it in 3 different computers... Country of purchase: Serbia Here's the data: 120:9QM9****:ST3500320AS:9BX154-335:SD15:09215:(manufac. date):KRATSG:2008-12-25-:2009-05-12:OEM:Wirshlitza:Serbia:(no detect in BIOS):Ubuntu 8.04/2.6.24:N/A 450W I used to swear by Seagate, but after this... I don't know, I think I'll change to WD, even though I didn't like them much in the past...

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